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Transportation and delivery of goods to Moldova, European countries, Russia, cargo transportation from Romania. In the activities of any company engaged in the production and sale of any goods, or simply the purchase and sale, one cannot do without a system for organizing transportation and delivering these goods to consumers. Moreover, the company itself producing the product, as a rule, it needs raw materials for production, and again raw materials need to be bought and delivered. Therefore, when developing a management strategy and creating a single mechanism to ensure the profit of this company, the functions of transport logistics will be directed both to the transportation of goods (raw materials) to the production workshop of the company, and for the transportation of goods (final product) for sale (for sale).

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Here the question already arises, what is more profitable: to keep your own fleet of vehicles and personnel for the transportation of goods, or completely shift this task onto the shoulders of forwarding companies, specializing in the transportation of various types of cargo. To answer this question, you just need to calculate the costs of the first and second options for organizing cargo transportation, but there is no doubt that the outsourcing of transport services in the face of a freight forwarding company is much more convenient. It is more convenient in the first place because you hire professionals, who will be directly responsible for specific functions in the system for creating and selling your products, those. – in the marketing of your production. This is at least an offer for the transportation of goods by various types of transport on the most rational routes, storage, shipment and loading of goods, as well as other related services and consultations, in the direction of transportation of all countries with which business contacts can be established.

In other words, you hire a transport logistics department that is responsible for all inbound and outbound transport operations, related to your production, supply of raw materials, marketing, and transportation of finished products. The cargo owner ordering transportation must understand that in this case, from the successful operation of the hired transport company, will directly depend on the development of his business, so he is trying to find the best of the best in the list of offers on the international market freight. You also need to be aware that quality transport services will cost appropriate rewards, and one must always be ready for mutual concessions.

The transport and forwarding divisions of our company Moversauto-Intertransport are concentrated throughout the territory of Moldova, where cargo owners and transport companies of Moldova and Ukraine apply. Manufacturing companies from Romania and Russia orders transport for transportation from Turkey and Greece. Manufacturing companies from Europe order cargo transportation to Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan, delivery of equipment to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The geography of our transportation is expanding daily.

The clients of our company are more than 400 companies, cargo owners and transport companies involved in transportation.

The client base of our company has been replenished since 2000, both customers and transport companies. Today, more than fifty transport orders for transportation are concluded by our company every month, The team of logistics managers has doubled compared to 2007-2009. Our transportation routes are expanding, if earlier we forwarded goods from Germany to Moldova, or from Russia to Moldova, today the geography of destinations is much wider: Kazakhstan-Germany, Great Britain-Moldova, Romania-Uzbekistan, transportation from Serbia to Russia. Directions of transportation from Turkey or Greece to Russia and Scandinavian countries, including transportation to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, these directions already have regular customers and a large number of transport companies.

In addition, in order to optimize international cargo transportation and successfully compete in the market, it is necessary to remember the following: increase in transport operations for transportation for which your company is responsible, in direct proportion to the complication control over all transportation processes and, accordingly, their competent management. In other words, the more freight orders you have, the more personnel and transport units you need. At the same time, you need to understand that it is quite difficult to find truly professional employees, and transport has an unpleasant property to fail.

By increasing the range of its orders, our forwarding company Moversauto-Intertransport practically is ready to increase and train new employees and improve the skills of existing managers. Summing up, we note that the niche occupied by forwarding companies in the market of domestic and international economic relations is really unique. We perform irreplaceable marketing functions in the successful development of representatives of various business sectors: from oil companies to soft toy distributors, from car buyers to baby food manufacturers. And for cargo owners, it’s really convenient when all the responsibilities for delivery and cargo control are shifted to the shoulders. specializing in this our forwarding company.

CARGO TRANSPORTATION with the transport-forwarding company “MOVERSAUTO-INTERTRANSPORT” is:

  •  Choosing the optimal route for the cargo.
  •  Selection of a vehicle that meets international quality standards in the transportation market.
  •  Calculation of the cost of cargo transportation, taking into account all the wishes of the client, the size, cost and nature of the cargo.
  •  Ensuring the safety of cargo.
  •  Punctuality of international cargo transportation.

“MOVERSAUTO-INTERTRANSPORT” works in compliance with all the rules of the international convention for road and sea transportation.

Transport and forwarding company from Moldova Moversauto-Intertransport carries out export and import transportations from Moldova, Tiraspol, Ukraine to: Russia, Belarus, Poland, Europe, Germany, Austria, Hungary, France. Transportation to and from the Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and other countries on request. Cargo transportation in the opposite direction, including directions: from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Europe, the Baltic states, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria – To Moldova, Romania and other destinations. Conditions of transportation are negotiated additionally, on the basis of an oral agreement. and contracts-applications for a specific transportation. Prices for transportation in all directions are flexible and quite competitive. We will answer your questions on all routes without delay by phone or e-mail.

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Today's transport offers

Ordering transport on-line. The search for transport on the website will give you the desired result.

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