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Fast and convenient cargo search for transport companies and private carriers

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Com-Stil logistics exchange is your assistant in finding orders for international cargo delivery. We have created a simple and convenient service for transport companies and individual carriers who are looking for cargo to deliver from Turkey to Russia and other routes. By placing an application on our website, you will significantly reduce the time it takes to find customers, and your transport will not be idle.

Com-Stil Advantages

The website was created in order to make it easier for transport companies and private carriers to find customers. The carrier only needs to make an application by adding the vehicle to the exchange, and customers will be able to find its services according to the parameters specified in the search.

Why you should apply for

  • It’s fast. Filling out the form to add a transport takes only a few minutes.
  • A large number of clients. Our exchange services are used by thousands of cargo owners who are constantly looking for reliable carriers.
  • Available. You can post applications for free. And for those who want to increase the number of ad views and speed up searches, we offer an affordable subscription with ads.

How does it work?

Using the Com-Stil service, the carrier can find a client in two ways. The first is to make an application on the site by adding a vehicle. After your vehicle is in the database, an application will be available to cargo owners who are looking for vehicles for delivery, and they will be able to respond to it and order services. The second is to use the search for cargo for delivery along a specific route, get acquainted with the applications of cargo owners proposed by the system and offer their services. To find customers as quickly as possible, avoiding vehicle downtime, you should choose both options, add your vehicle to the exchange and try to search for cargo in the applications of cargo owners.

How to add vehicles to the exchange?

Transport companies and private carriers can add any number of vehicles to the exchange. If you own a large fleet of vehicles, it is worth filling out an application for each type of vehicle in order to speed up the search for customers. For example, the company has ordinary trucks of different tonnage, isothermal or refrigerated, gazelles or minibuses –

it is important to add all available options to the exchange. In addition, it is worth leaving several applications if you are delivering goods from different countries, indicating a specific direction in each application.

After logging in to the site, go to the “Add transport” section and fill out the form:

  • Indicate the type of cargo transportation that you offer (by road, by sea, by air, by rail, by groupage).
  • Select the country and city of loading.
  • Indicate free dates on which you can complete the order.
  • Select the type of transport.
  • Indicate the weight of the cargo that you can transport and the volume of the body.
  • Indicate the cost of services.
  • Indicate the number of cars and check additional items (for example, readiness to load more vehicles).
  • Check documents if available (TIR, CMR, ADR, CEMT).
  • Leave contacts where you can be contacted.
  • Place an order by clicking on the “Add transport” button.

After processing the data, your application will appear on the site. The cargo owner will be able to see it if it matches the search parameters of the transport for delivery specified by him.

How to search for cargo for delivery from Turkey to Russia and vice versa?

Have you already added your transport to the exchange? Speed up the search for a client by trying to find a shipment for delivery yourself. To do this, fill out a short form on the main page of the site Here you can find truck, sea, rail, air, and national teams.

How to search:

  • Indicate the route, the country of shipment and the country of delivery.
  • Select the cities of dispatch and delivery.
  • Click on the “Search cargo” button.

The system will immediately offer current applications of cargo owners, if any. You just have to choose an ad and contact the cargo owner to receive an order and discuss the terms of cooperation.

How to get more customers?

In order for your application on the exchange to attract the attention of as many users as possible, it is worth compiling it correctly, indicating all the parameters of the vehicle requested by the service.

Cargo owners more often choose applications that meet the following requirements:

  • Affordable price. If the cost of your services is lower than that of competitors, the cargo owner will contact you first.
  • Additional services such as insurance. Paperwork takes time, and often cargo owners prefer to shift insurance or customs clearance registration on the shoulders of the transport company. If you can provide such a service, please indicate it in the ad.
  • Modality of cargo transportation. Often, transport companies, for example, delivering cargo by sea or rail, offer the delivery of containers to the port or railway station (or to the client’s warehouse upon arrival at the destination) by their own vehicles. Such services simplify logistics for cargo owners, and they are willing to use them.
  • Fleet diversity. The more vehicles a company has, the better. Therefore, it is worth adding all available transport to the site.
  • Delivery of consolidated cargoes. This is a requested service. If you can carry groupage cargo or load more transport, it is worth noting this.

Do you have any questions? Fill out the feedback form and our consultants will answer them.

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