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Shipping Asian countries

Transportation of cargo from and to Asian countries, including sea shipping of containerized cargo.

Freight transport from Asia, road and sea transport of goods in containers.The geographical location of the Republic of Moldova, situated between Europe and Asia, significantly contributes to the development of commercial activities of cargo owners from our region, allows successful trade operations throughout the continent: from Western Europe to the Far East, Japan, Malaysia, Turkey and other Asian countries.There is also a benefit for transport – forwarding companies, performing an exceptional and indispensable function, the organization of transportation and delivery of goods from Asia to Russia, CIS and Europe, and vice versa. Due to the fact that the flow of orders for international cargo shipments from Asian countries never stops in principle, only small downturns are noticed due to the international economic situation in general, but this is quite a characteristic feature of the entire global economy and one should only be able to adjust to it. So, for example, in January-March 2010 enterprises of railway, automobile and air transport of Moldova transported 1,286.6 thousand tons of cargo, or 80.9% of the same level of the last year.It is telling that transport companies from Moldova focus primarily on Russia, and Moscow in particular, trying to attract the largest percentage of customers from there. This is characterized by the huge market and the needs of the Russian Federation. From Asia to Russia they transport goods for various purposes. From Central Asia and Turkey – fruit, consumer goods, technology, clothing from China and Japan, dangerous liquid cargo from the Middle East and UAE, etc. In this direction a transport company from Moldova has a slight advantage over Moscow companies. If it is necessary to make cargo transportation from Turkey, Israel, Syria, Greece, UAE, Jordan, then it is much more profitable for the cargo owner from Moscow or in general from Russia to turn to a transport company from Moldova, because the way from here to the above-mentioned countries is much shorter, and therefore cheaper costs for the client. For cargo owners from Moscow and other cities of Russia, it is much more convenient and profitable to order freight from Asia from a transport company from Moldova, because you will not have to pay for the journey that the transport from Moscow has to take. If you need to deliver cargo from Asia to Europe, then transit through Moldova is probably the best option, and who better to organize it than a transport company from Moldova.Forwarding company “Moversauto-Intertransport” offers you the following services for cargo transportation from and to Asian countries. Transportation of groupage cargo from China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia. If the shipment is small, it does not make sense to pay for transportation in full, especially from such a long distance. We’re ready to offer combination variants of multimodal delivery from major ports of Japan, Thailand, etc. We organize sea container shipping, rail or road transport – the most convenient way of shipping from China. Carry out at the highest level of transportation of dangerous goods, we offer any type of transport – tent, refrigerator, isotherm. Separately we stipulate related services, cargo insurance, give advice on freight forwarding issues, we draw up all the necessary documentation.Transportation of goods “Door-to-door from China, Mongolia, Turkey. From Syria, Israel, UAE, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan. Shipping from Thailand, Japan in Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Europe. Transportation of goods from and to Asia at competitive prices, providing a full package of transportation services, informing customers daily, the optimal delivery time, economical transport conditions. Providing services at a professional level helps to keep regular customers and attract new ones, and this is especially important in a period of global economic instability, and the best indicator of a stable activity shippers and the competence of its employees.
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