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Cargo transportation of oversized cargo

Delivery of oversized cargo on the trawlers from Europe to Moldova, trawler trucking from Russia to Romania and Moldova.

Oversize cargo transportation by automobile transport is one of the main services of the transport company Movers-auto S.R.L. It should be noted that the oversized cargo transportation has its own characteristics and requirements, because the transported oversized cargo differs in its non-standard size and weight. This can be construction machinery, tanks, containers or garages – in general, any oversized and heavy cargo, transportation of which seems to you too problematic and complicated. Our freight forwarding company will assume all obligations associated with the delivery of oversized cargo – as is usually called this load. Oversize cargo transportation – Moscow, St. Petersburg, other cities of Russia, transportation from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Poland, the Baltic States to Russia, CIS, CIS countries and abroad, we know how to solve this issue and make the transportation of goods. Oversized cargo is usually transported on a tractor with a low-bed trailer or low-loader. This is the best and safest option for the long-term transportation of heavy cargo. Low-frame platform allows you to transport cargo of any size, both in length and height. The capabilities of our fleet of vehicles can undertake the transportation of any cargo. After signing a contract with our company, the oversized cargo is under our control. Now we are responsible for its condition and guarantee the quality of transportation – just in time and with minimal problems. Agree that only unprofessionals can promise to transport cargo from point A to point B without a hitch. In any case, no matter what business field we are talking about, it is impossible to predict everything, but to approach the task in a responsible and competent manner – that is the main sign of professionalism and competence. This is what the transport company Movers-auto S.R.L. guarantees when you take an order for the transportation of oversized cargo. We know how to organize fast, quality and safe transportation of oversized cargo from Europe to Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, from ports of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Holland, France. We deliver oversized cargo in any direction, inexpensive and fast, safe and reliable. You can order carriage on the website by filling out an application form on-Line.

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