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Jobs, jobs and careers

Vacancies, jobs and careers in Moldova in a freight forwarding company.

Vacancies, jobs and careers in Moldova, in Chisinau and Tiraspol in the transport-forwarding company.
If you are interested in working in Moldova, in the field of logistics and international transportation. You are dynamic and ready for a career and development,
We are ready to consider your candidacy. You have no experience is correctable, the desire to work is important!

We invite you to work: in the department of international transportation.

      1. a)

We invite the manager-dispatcher for sales of transportation services.

      1. (preferably experience)

Work with a large customer base of the company, you need to be able to sell services,

      1. b)

Job for: Manager-logistician of the organization of international road transport

      1. (preferably experience)

Work with clients, carriers, cargo owners, transport logistics of transportation.

      1. c)

Requires manager of the organization of maritime transport

      1. (preferably with experience)

Work with the existing customer base, experience in shipping is desirable

      1. d)

Requires the manager of the organization of container road haulage

      1. Processing of applications from existing clients, transaction support, reception and processing of new information
      1. e)

Partial, small, groupage cargo transportation manager vacancy

Those wishing to work without experience, take a training course for free!

For resumes call +373 686 77712
Payment terms are discussed individually, according to experience.

Basic Requirement for a candidate to work in our company:

Hard work, high capacity for work. Goal: the result.
Higher education, desire to learn.
Desire to earn, achieve results, to go to the goal persistently and persistently.
Computer skills, confident user.
Ability to negotiate, persuasion.
Defend the interests of the company, to participate in the development.
Flexibility in thinking, creative approaches to clients.
Strategic decision making in development.
Stamina in stressful situations, stress resistance.
Work experience, welcome.
Foreign languages desirable.

Personal skills, behavioral characteristics

Ability to listen carefully and really understand.
Ability to persuade and engage.
Action-oriented and results-oriented.
Ability to work while fulfilling commitments.
Ability to resist stress and pressure.
Analytical thinking flexibility in decision making.
Ability to negotiate by imposing their conditions.
Analyze problems, fix them independently.
Self-confidence, and to achieve the goal.
Setting new tasks and their implementation.
Responsibly perform job duties.

Professional requirements and tasks.

Represent the company in relationships, when searching for clients.
Monitor the nature and specificity of cooperation, possible risks.
Control of mutual responsibility in settlements.
Gather information about the needs and development of the market.
To make a market research on the most important spheres of business for the purpose of offering services.
Search for new stable clients as potential customers.
To carry out promotion of transport services, its link.
Improve commercial projects, suggest improvements.
Maintain existing customer base, and develop new contacts.
Negotiate, loyally defend the interests of the company.
Conclude contracts, applications, increasing the number of customer base.
Analyze unsuccessful transactions, loss of customers, and lost profits.
Study and improve business, a professional approach.
Expand and increase sales markets and explore new avenues.
Self-critical evaluation of successes and achievements.
Daily report on the work done and the fulfillment of the job description.
Diagnosis of the sources of calls.
Collecting and outlining information.
Actions on behalf of the professional logistician.
Control and Analysis of information about failed transactions.
Preventing the loss of information.
Scheme of retention of information and accumulated customers.
Advertising diagnostics, reaching mass and target audiences.
Compliance with the terms of mutual responsibility, and strengthening the reputation of the company.
Search of web-resources on transport and forwarding.
Working with search engines and selecting them for work;
Providing Individual development strategy.

Please provide the following information:
* Surname, first name, patronymic
* Date of birth
* Marital status
* Education
* Work experience
* Knowledge of foreign languages
* Computer skills
* Your job expectations
* Other information you think is important
* Coordinates for feedback
Send your resume to адресу by e-mail: +373 68677712. Regards, MOVERS-AUTO

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