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Transportation of cars

As one of the services of the transport company Movers-auto S.R.L. provides transportation of cars and trucks car trucks from Russia, and from Europe, Ukraine and the Baltic States, we transport, and deliver cars from the Baltic States, Finland, Poland, Germany, in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.
place an order for vehicle transport
Accepting an order for international car transportation, our company undertakes to perform a full list of additional services, such as registration of all necessary supporting documentation, car insurance, ensuring payment of customs duties. During the movement of the car carrier, we monitor it on the road, and our managers keep you informed.
Car transporter is more profitable than the usual car shipping, cheaper than other modes of transport, besides it is safe, fast, proven.
Transportation of cars – Moscow, European cities, St. Petersburg, other major cities of Russia and the CIS, entrusting this business to the company Movers-auto S.R.L. from Moldova, you make the right choice.

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