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Container semi-trailer 20′ and 40′

Ordered from overseas? Delivered your shipment to the port from China? How to pick it up and deliver it directly to your warehouse gates? There is only one solution – semitrailer container trucks.

TYPE OF CONTAINER. A container carrier is a flatbed without sides, on which a sea container is mounted. There are fixed and sliding models of container carriers. The semi-trailer platform is manufactured in accordance with the uniform (unified) dimensions of international containers. A distinction is made between 20-foot and 40-foot (45-foot) containers. Each has its own container carrier. The semi-trailer platform is equipped with special fasteners for the container (fittings) and anti-rollback mechanisms. Some container trucks have platforms for the entry of heavy trucks. Inclined drives are necessary for transshipment points, where there is no loading crane. Our transport company is competent and qualified to pick up exactly what you need container.

DIMENSIONS. Container wagons for the carriage of 20-foot and 40-foot containers. 45-foot containers can be carried on a 40-foot container wagon.

Load capacity up to 22 tons.

TYPE OF GOODS. So what kind of containers can be loaded on these platforms? Any kind. Millions of goods are transported by sea, and there are containers for any cargo.

  1. These are standard 20-foot containers and can often be seen on the seashore or at the market. Yes, yes, they are often used as trading booths.
  2. Standard 40-foot containers. They are twice as long as a 20-foot container. Both containers have the same width and height.
  3. “High Cupe” 40-foot containers. They are one foot taller than standard containers. These containers are marked with a special black and yellow warning strip.
  4. Containers are 45-foot containers, elongated on each side by 2.5 feet. They are transported, as mentioned above, by container ships for 40-foot containers.
  5. There are also open top containers, tank containers, refrigeration containers, bulk containers and Open Side containers. Cargoes are transported according to the type and purpose of the container. For example, liquid (liquid) cargo is transported in tank containers.

SAFETY AND COMFORT. Worried about keeping your goods intact while on the road? That something is not stolen or lost during unloading? A container is as safe as a safe. It is loaded at the point of shipment, the doors are sealed and its contents are inaccessible throughout the journey. This is a 100% guarantee against vandalism en route and against the spoilage of the cargo, i.e. he will be brought in the same form and quantity in which it was loaded. Therefore, the transportation of containers by road is a very popular service.

ADVANTAGES. Transportation of sea block by container carrier – is part of multimodal cargo transportation. What is it? It is the transportation of one cargo by different transport means (land, water, air) under one document and in one block without transshipment in transshipment points. It significantly reduces the cost of transportation (approximately by 7-10 times). This is probably the main advantage of containerized cargo transportation. Choosing the right reliable container carrier a guarantee of successful delivery, and to find one will help you managers of our transport company.

DESTINATIONS. Container trucks deliver containers throughout the European continent from ports in France, Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, the Baltic States and Ukraine. They transport containers from Odessa and Ilyichevsk to Moldova, as well as from the port of Constanta in Romania. Containers carry goods from all over the world, including China.

DOCUMENTS. To transport a container by road you need the following documents. Invoice (Inovoice), transit declaration for non-EU goods in EU countries, TIR or TIR carnet for customs, CMR (waybill). All paperwork shall be performed by a transportation company. You have only to order (rent) transport and rely on the experience of professionals.

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