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Transport, transportation from and to Europe

Cargo transportation from and to Europe – the main direction of cargo delivery organization.

European countries occupy most of the volume of road transport to Moldova, Russia, Asian countries, the Baltics, Belarus. Good quality cargoes from Europe, despite the prices, remain at a high level of consumption. Today the turnover from Europe is much less than a year or two ago. However, many industries continue to gain momentum, from Europe a large consumption of spare parts for cars, tires for cars and trucks, high demand is still high quality building and finishing materials. Transportation of machinery and equipment are regular orders. Leading exporters of goods are Germany, Italy, France, Spain. Freight transportations from Europe our forwarding company organizes to all countries of CIS and Asia, all types of vehicles, including transportation of small consignments. Transportation from Europe is different in cost than from other countries. Increased European requirements to the quality of vehicles, the package of documents for entry into Europe, payment of highways, expensive fuel, all this is reflected in the cost of production costs and the cost of transportation.

Shipping from Europe by any mode of transport can be ordered on -LINE.
Transportation from Europe to Russia.
Transportation from Europe to Moldova
Cargo transportation from Europe to Asia
Transportation from Europe to the EU and the CIS.

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