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Air freight delivery

Do you need to transfer fresh flowers, roses or gerberas so quickly that they do not fade and continue to delight others with their freshness and fragrance for a long time? Or deliver urgent medicines? Or to send valuables, important documents, precious or rare-earth metals across the ocean? It is still impossible to surpass air freight in terms of speed of delivery and cargo safety. Any point in the world, even the most remote, can be reached by air. Our experts on this site will help you to understand the complex network of air traffic and choose the best method of air delivery for you: fast, reliable, suitable for the price.

BENEFITS OF AIR FREIGHT. Shipping by air is by far the fastest and most efficient way to deliver your cargo. This is the main advantage of air transportation. Cargo may be oversized, heavy, fragile or incredibly valuable. In short, anything. This is the second advantage. The third and most important thing is that during air transportation the cargo is reliably protected from theft and damage. It can be damaged only during customs control and loading.

TYPE OF CARGO TRANSPORTED BY AIR . You may ask, what is transported by air? The list of goods is very long. There are even some goods which can be transported only by planes. For example: vaccines, plasma, blood, jewelry, antiques, masterpieces. Let us briefly outline other types of cargo, which can be preferably transported by aircraft.

  1. LONG-LASTING cargo has a short shelf life. It must be delivered as quickly as possible, under certain conditions, in order to maintain its quality and freshness. It is recommended to deliver such goods by direct flight, at least with one transhipment from board to board. Such goods include meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, citrus fruits, cosmetics, medicines and fresh flowers. Flowers can only be sent by direct flight.
  2. DANGEROUS GOODS are all types of cargo that pose a risk to the environment, people or transport. These are toxic, explosive, radioactive and other substances. A special table is compiled for their classification, they are labelled with danger marks. Such cargoes are transported in accordance with UN regulations.
  3. OVERSIZED AND HEAVY LOADS. Heavy cargo is considered if it weighs more than 80 kg. It is very expensive to transport such goods by plane, but this is the only way to deliver them in a short time. Such goods are transported by heavy aircraft. Moreover, the height of cargo must be limited to 6, 4 metres. This is the maximum height of the aircraft hatch. Such cargoes are fastened on special pallets or packed, if it is possible.
  4. LIGHTWEIGHT LOADS. Lightweight shipments, such as foam, need to be packed particularly carefully to avoid overpaying for volume.

SAFETY AND COMFORT. Afraid of losing sight of your cargo on the road? Suppose it is very valuable. Today even this problem can be solved. A distinctive feature of air delivery can be called cargo tracking service. You can trace the route of your shipment by flight number on the website of the airline and know exactly where your cargo is. This is very convenient in terms of security.

TYPES OF TRANSPORTATION. Transportation companies offer different types of air transportation. To name the key ones: simple, through, shuttle, and consolidated air transportation.

NAVIGATIONS. Air transport has no borders. Our transport company closely and fruitfully cooperates with many proven airlines such as Aeroflot, Air Moldova, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Transaero, Lufthansa. Companies perform air cargo transportation all over the world.

DOCUMENTS. According to the unified international standard IOSA, the following documents accompany all shipments on aircraft. Invoice, packing list, waybills, cargo manifest (for indirect flights), safety data sheet for dangerous goods and export consignment note, the latter only in the former Soviet Union. Cargoes are insured. Our company offers you to take care of the paperwork by arranging air freight shipments all over the world. All you need to do is to choose a spot on the map and place your order here.

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