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CARRIERS — Cargo offers . Transportation and forwarding company Movers Auto-Intertransport ,provides carriers, transport companies, private carriers   information about cargo availability,  being an  dispatch center. Large logistics  and dispatch companies European countries, Romania, Turkey, Greece and the CIS, offer information about shipments, for tents, for  refrigerators, prefabricated cargo. Our clients are   industrial firms, trading companies, supermarkets, wholesalers, cargo offers increase every day. These cargo offers can be seen at  our transportation website.

Our forwarding  company,  provides carriers with advances in  Moldova  Poland, Lithuania, Germany. Some carriers, who are our permanent& partners, company helps by advances for transportation, so the carrier, when going on a trip, receives cash for transportation. Movers Auto -Intertransport S.R.L. We represent the transporter asserting his rights and interests, freeing him from headaches and dealing with fastidious clients. Our clients  today are transport companies, carriers from Moldova, Romania, Russia, carriers from Belarus. Baltic and other countries. Forwarding of your transport, searching  cargoes are handled by young and experienced forwarding agents-dispatchers. The company continues to expand its network in Moldova, Russia and Germany. Save your time and nerves. Prepare the transport for the shipments.
What about the recommendations. Carriers and transport companies from Romania and Bulgaria, transport companies from Belarus, hauliers from Lithuania, Russia use our services. It’s proved by contracts, applications  mutual settlements. Your transport awning, refrigerators, trailers, mega, or other vehicles,   do not waste your time looking for loads. You can trust us with your freight   it’s our job to offer you the loading.

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