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Transport, transportation from and to Moldova, transportation to Moldova

Cargo transportation from and to Moldova (Moldova) – the main direction of cargo delivery organization.
Cargo transportation from and to Moldova is the main activity of our forwarding company. Export of goods to Moldova prevails over import. If we take into account the Autumn, most of the exports are vegetables and fruits grown in the territory of Moldova. During this period refrigerators for transportation of perishable goods are in demand. Most of the consumed goods are imports. Transporting goods by truck from and to Moldova contributes to an increase in trade turnover with developed countries, which is the main source of replenishment of the Moldovan budget. Orders for cargo transportation to Moldova come from China, Europe, Turkey, Italy, the Baltic States.
Feature of all transport infrastructure in Moldova: always a wide choice of transport for transportation, high competition between transport companies, acceptable prices for all types of cargo transportation.

How to calculate the price of transportation from Russia to Moldova. Approximate calculation of the cost, for example, transportation of cargo from Russia from Moscow to Moldova Chisinau, you need to transport cargo – equipment.The cost of transportation will depend: on the dimensions of the equipment and its weight. If the truck is from Moldova and the transportation is carried out by the Cornet-Tir documents, we’ll take into consideration the full refueling of the truck at the Russian price, considering the distance between Moscow and Chisinau of 1500 km, the quick loading, and the fast clearance, without downtime at the customs terminal in Moscow. Given the delivery time in Moldova from 4 to 7 days. The final price for transportation is determined at the time of registration of the application for transportation.

When transporting perishable goods by refrigerated trucks to Moldova. If the cargo is perishable and requires a refrigerator with temperature control, the weight of the cargo up to 20 tons. Also taking into account the promptness of action of the sender, in customs clearance, observing the delivery time of up to 4.5 days, as perishable goods are cleared faster at the transit border crossings, and the transport company returns the truck in transit to Moldova, the price for the transportation will be determined at the time of registration of the application for transportation. The terms of payment are stipulated in the transportation contract, Under a number of conditions the price for transportation can be reduced, (the cost of transportation depends on the country and location of the cargo, the name of the cargo, the amount of cargo, the cost of cargo, type of transport, package of documents, time of year, sales activity in the local market and the season).

Main directions of cargo transportation from and to Moldova.

Transportation from Moldova to Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, road transportation from Poland to Moldova.
Transportation from Moldova to Russia.
Shipping from Moldova to Europe.
Shipping from Moldova to Asian countries.
Transportation from Moldova to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
Cargo transportation from Moldova to Finland.

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