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How to book shipping correctly

How to properly order transportation and the necessary transport.

Carrying out transportation of cargo  competently and professionally is seemingly commonplace. In the flow of proposals and information to the customer transportation, it is not clear where to find the organizer of the transportation, who will offer the best conditions, with whom to sign a contract request, who to entrust the cargo – this is the question number one for all customers transportation. Cargo transportation for customers sometimes turns into a lot of trouble, headache, and high costs.

A few good trucking tips won’t hurt.
Cargo and Transportation, we recommend ordering only from a freight forwarder or transportation company with a long list of clients and recommendations, make inquiries, ask for contacts and reviews.

When contacting the freight forwarding company, pay attention to the questions that the freight forwarder asks you. Taking information about your shipment and discussing a number of conditions of transportation, the manager must provide you with delivery options, explain what documents are required for the cargo, and in which countries the shipment will be carried out.

When ordering transportation, ask the company to provide the registration documents, the license for transportation, the CMR insurance for the transportation. Request these documents by fax or e-mail.

We do not recommend that you call the truck driver during transportation. Check all the details with the manager with whom you signed a contract-application. You will save time and additional phone costs. Do not discuss with the driver the costs on the road, they are already included in the cost of transportation.

We remind you that, professionally and in detail, competently accepted information about your product, its value, at the time of negotiation, speaks about the quality of staff, which is the success of the freight. Require, all conditions, specify in the contract application for the carriage of goods.

A transportation company that values its reputation will always stipulate all the terms of transportation in the contract of carriage or in the cargo delivery application. You were offered to sign a transportation contract or a contract for cargo? It’s a sign of professionalism, respect to you as a customer and long-term cooperation. The possibilityorder transport, orcalculate the cost of transportation, on the website of the forwarding company, an additional advantage in the provision of transport services and quality service. Saving you time. The quality of service. Fast communication, always an advantage.

Pay attention to requisites of the company, posted on the site, phone accounting, other ways to contact a representative of the company, pay attention to advertising, providing the company on the Internet, the more, the safer.
Order trucking and transport, cargo, the organization of transportation trust us.

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