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The cost of transportation by tilt semitrailers of different volumes.

The main pricing factors for cargo transportation, tilt semi-trailers of different volumes. Since tilt semi-trailers are designed for transportation of small and large consignments, industrial and domestic cargo, the main factor determining the cost of such cargo transportation is the weight and dimensions of the cargo, method of loading. As well as the time and facilities involved in loading and unloading cargo – cargo elevators, special equipment, execution of documents for transportation. To this you need to add the specific of cargo: dangerous or not, the location of cargo, invoice value of cargo, the number of customs codes, packaging of cargo, the number of loading places by country, direction by country, distance of transport to the place where cargo is. Quality of cargo delivery, cargo security, cargo insurance. Distance of transportation, number of transit countries to the place of unloading, transit fees for this cargo, payment terms, for transportation of this cargo, speed of transportation, and even weather conditions.

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