Outsourcing of transport services in Moldova and Transnistria

Forwarding company: a partner, logistics department, or competent distribution of functions. Trading company, manufacturing company, cannery, all sectors are united by one problem, the timely organization of delivery of goods. Forwarding company: a partner, logistics department, or competent distribution of functions.
Trading company, production company, cannery, all industries are united by one problem, the timely organization of delivery of goods. Production without downtime and additional costs for cargo transportation. All cargo delivery processes are always associated with a lot of difficult to solve issues: it is necessary to find a transport company, to resolve issues arising in the process of transportation, to clarify customs crossings, to pay for transit declarations for cargo, to clarify whether the driver has followed all the instructions of the customer, to discuss the correct loading of cargo, to control the arrival of transport to the customs office. You can go on and on about everything that’s involved in shipping.

Every self-respecting company organizes a department that is responsible for hiring quality transport, timely shipment, reasonable transportation costs and high quality cargo delivery. The so-called transport department requires equipment for work, a workplace, trained personnel, communication costs, and decent wages. It is possible to assume the cost of such expenses, taking into account the fundamental investments for the reliability and image of the company: approximately $1000 per month.

Many companies dream of reducing the cost of services carriers,

Specialized Transportation and forwarding company: Well-established mechanism of searching for necessary transport at the right place, at the right time, without idle runs, frees the customer – cargo owner from delving into the specifics of everything that happens, where the mechanism of contracts and applications, distribution of insurance and other obligations, the structure of the carrier, freight forwarder and customer responsibility is worked out. Forwarding company with experience, recommendations, trained staff, established partnerships with shipping companies can provide where the professional conduct of all transport processes carriage and delivery of goods. Any quality service costs money.
Providing quality transportation services without paying a commission does not happen, but the freight forwarding company always has more options to reduce the cost of transportation, and find a cheaper carrier, in the right place at the right time. Our freight forwarding company offers all companies and organizations, save time, turn to professionals, transfer your costs and concerns about the delivery of goods to our experienced managers.

Organization & nbsp;transportation; your cargo will be fast, high quality with a full report on the movement of your goods and the time of his arrival to your warehouse, if necessary, accounting costs for the transportation. Our company offers transportation of all types of cargo, regardless of the country of the goods, regardless: bulk cargo, heavy or small, as a consolidated cargo it will be delivered. Forwarding company, if necessary, insures the carriage, in the case of imports organizes the customs brokerage services, collateral, guarantee registration of goods in transit through Ukraine.
Dangerous goods transport ADR. Organization of multimodal transport by using several modes of transport, marine automobile or container shipping. Organization of cargo from Europe, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy and other countries. Each manager of our company will provide recommendations of other customers for your confidence in our professionalism.
Our company is your partner and we are working for you.