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Transportation of bulk cargoes

Roading of bulk cargo in Moldova and the CIS countries, transportation in bulk or in bulk – our transport company provides this type of cargo transportation. Most of all transportation in bulk is demanded in the construction and earthmoving works, in the transportation of scrap metal. The most popular services for the transportation of bulk cargo is: removal of soil, transportation of cement, crushed stone, sand transportation, transportation of metal, as well as the transportation of mineral powder, lime and other cargo intended for transportation in the specialized bodies. It should be noted that the transportation of bulk cargo has its own characteristics by virtue of the specificity of the goods. Thus, transportation in bulk should be made in vehicles equipped with special containers and cover awning material. To avoid the drenching of cargo on the way, it must be covered with a tarpaulin and protected from spilling and weathering. Transportation in bulk is much more convenient than transportation in bags, because it does not require additional costs for packing and services of loaders and for loading / unloading. And if we talk specifically about the dump truck, the body of which is mechanically controlled to unload the contents, there is no need for additional special equipment when carrying out unloading work, which is also important in terms of saving money. For the successful transportation of bulk cargo our transportation company has a decent selection of modern dump trucks and trucks. Special trucking equipment, vehicles for the transportation of bulk cargo is always on standby. However, we provide haulage not only by truck; our company can arrange and railway shipment of bulk cargo and sea shipping of bulk cargo, since it operates in a variety of directions, to deliver bulk cargo from the port of the Mediterranean or Black Sea to Russia, Ukraine, Moldova or Romania for us – a solvable task.

Our company is always ready to provide all concomitant services on bulk cargo transportation such as customs and legal advice, cargo tracking, freight forwarding services, provide transport for bulk cargo and much more. You can find more detailed information on our website.

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