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Marketing and optimization of transportation services. Cargo transportation according to the rules of strategic marketing

In this article, we’re going to talk about how marketing and freight forwarding are interdependent. It will be useful to both freight owners and carriers. We will not go into theory, and describe the meaning and function of marketing. We are interested in one of the most important components and functions of this process – transportation of cargo from the manufacturer to the consumer or from the manufacturer – to the producer. – Actually, this is what forwarding companies do. In this light they are entrusted with the most important function of national economy and business development because without well-regulated and adjusted cargo traffic all market research is meaningless and production and sales are endangered.


Any transportation company wishing to succeed in the international freight market follows the standard links of the marketing chain:

  • research of the freight market (domestic and international), study of the demand and pricing factors: it is natural that freight forwarding companies from Moldova, a rather small country which is situated between the major markets such as EU, Ukraine and Russia, should, first of all, enter the international freight market. Having certain advantages over competitors from Russia and Europe, Moldovan haulers can successfully attract customers from Moscow and other major cities of Russia and Europe due to more favorable conditions of cargo transportations, such as: minimum costs for cargo delivery organization, relatively cheap fuel, hence more acceptable prices for cargo owners; convenient geographic location – the proximity of the Black Sea, access to Turkey and other Middle East countries, hence – cost savings for cargo owners. And these are just the most superficial examples.
  • finding consumers for its services – cargo owners as well as carriers willing to cooperate. An effective tool here is the company’s website full of all sorts of thematic information related to cargo searching, logistics, etc.
  • and the final component is the actual organization of cargo delivery.

The Moversauto-Intertransport freight forwarding company uses new forwarding technologies.
But this is not enough. For the successful development of activities and constant demand in the freight market, it is necessary to apply some additional marketing tools. Such as:

  • current analysis of the freight market,
  • studying the latest trends and criteria that determine the freight owners’ requirements for freight transport, preparing and applying them in their own work;
  • recurrent audit of own transport operations aimed at identifying and preventing claims from the freight owners (as a rule, the customers are primarily concerned with three criteria: cargo safety, compliance with delivery deadlines, cost);
  • cost analysis, search for rational routes;
  • and most important for any customer is a flexible pricing policy.

This is management’s number one priority, and the marketing tools listed above will help him do it.

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