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Transport from Russia, transportation from and to Russia

Cargo transportation from and to Russia – the main direction of cargo delivery organization.
Russia as a consumer and as an industrial country is considered the most attractive for all countries, and as a consequence, transportation from and to Russia takes a high place in the transportation of goods as exports and imports of goods. Russia is a huge country, where there are no borders and customs barriers, road transport is in great demand. Russian consumer market is very attractive for investment and production, and this contributes to the increase in trucking, shipping, rail freight. There are regular orders for cargo transportation from Romania to Russia, from Bulgaria to Russia. Russia continues to export a lot of goods to Europe, Asia, CIS countries regardless of crisis.
We as a freight forwarding company, feel it on the orders from Russia to Greece, from Russia to Serbia, from Russia to Moldova and Romania, a lot of cargoes are transported from Russia to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Russia is in the first place in terms of traffic of all modes of transport.

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Cargo transportation Russia – Greece
Cargo transportation from Russia to Moldova.
Shipping Russia – Romania.
Shipping from Russia to Turkey
Shipping from Russia to Serbia.
Cargo transportation Russia Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan.

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