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Moversauto-Intertransport forwarding company from Moldova, for a long time works on the market of transportation services, carrying out road, rail, container cargo transportation to Russia and the CIS countries. This direction is one of the main activities of the company, because Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries are the main trade partners of Moldova, and it is this market that is in maximum demand among the cargo owners and carriers. To build a mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation with us, we are ready to offer you reasonable prices for cargo transportation, optimal routes, as well as modern, fast Transport for groupage cargoes, transport for cargoes in refrigerators and containers, transportation of hazardous, oversized and bulky cargo, delivery of bulk and liquid cargo.The main thing in transportation is the quality of delivery. To maintain the image of a highly professional transport company, to improve cargo transportation services, our company regularly expands the range of transportation services provided, monitors the improvement of the quality of forwarding and related services. In addition, for the successful competition in the international freight market we monitor the compliance of the price level to the real indicators – we do not underestimate or overestimate the cost of services, positioning ourselves as a stable and reliable partners. We use the accumulated experience in the field of organization of cargo transportation, as well as cooperation with other transportation companies to optimize the services we provide.Russia and the CIS countries are dozens of different directions, a huge number of transported cargo, different quantity, volume, and destination. Daily services of our company are used by up to ten companies, cargoes are delivered from Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries.Flexibility of transport solutions. Ordering a full-scale trucking from Siberia or Central Asia for the owner of a small batch of cargo – not always profitable. In such cases, we offer to use the service – groupage cargo transportation, which will significantly save your money.Collective trucking allows you to distribute the cost of using the vehicle between several customers and each will pay only for his part of the cargo, rather than for the entire vehicle. Competent management of small consignments requires clear work of managers and availability of stable partners – leading transport and forwarding companies in the region, which allows you to quickly submit transport to the location of the cargo.In addition, for all transport orders when transporting full loads, or this kind of orders, such as the transportation of partial loads, you can always use the accompanying transport, the cost of transportation in this case will be cheaper. If you first order the organization of transportation in Russia, our staff will give you a free consultation, explain the nuances of cargo insurance (CMR-insurance), highlight the rights of the cargo owner and carrier liability.For all questions on the transportation of complete and of consolidated shipments from Russia and CIS countries, If you need to transport cargo in refrigerators and containers, transportation of dangerous, bulk and liquid cargo, as well as rail and multimodal transportation, please contact the freight forwarding company “Moversauto-Intertransport” from Moldova.
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