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Freight delivery to Moldova, transportation to Transnistria .

You have contacted the Transportation and Shipping Department online. In order to order the required transport and shipping from Moldova or from the cities of Transnistria. The freight forwarding company MOVERSAUTO-INTERNTRANSPORT S.R.L. Provides transportation services by road from Moldova to the CIS countries and in the opposite direction to Moldova. We offer you to find out the cost of transportation, order transport, and get advice in any direction.
Daily delivery of goods from Moldova and from Transnistria by road transport, tents semi-trailers, road trains, refrigerators. Scheduled delivery of cargo from Moldova weights from 200kg. up to 20tons. and volumes from 20cub. up to 90cub. and 120cub. Regular transportations from Moldova and Transdniestria of partial, partial, small and non-standard cargo weighing from 100kg, from the consolidated logistics warehouses. Transportation cost includes all transportation costs, to the recipient’s warehouse, insurance of transportation, responsibility of the transportation company.
When transporting cargo from Moldova, Transdniestria, or to Moldova or Romania, one cannot but note the advantages and privileges enjoyed by all CIS member states. First of all, it is the availability of international transport corridors and rather lenient border customs control, unlike in European countries. Shipping from Moldova – One of the main directions in the activity of our transport company, since this country, as well as other CIS members, is one of the main trade partners of Romania and Russia, and it is the volume of cargo turnover between these countries that shapes the demand and supply in the local international freight market. This should be borne in mind when shaping transport policy, especially since Moldova, being a country with a transition economy, is unlikely to see a radical change of focus on the EU in the near future.
Cargo transportation from Moldova is carried out by road and rail and is characterized, in principle, by short distances and affordable conditions. To transport cargo from Moldova or Transdniestria, As well as from other CIS countries, it is necessary to have a specific package of documents – our specialists will inform you about its contents. We organize transportation of groupage, dangerous and other types of cargo from Moldova to Moldova, Russia and other countries.

Trucking and cargo delivery from and to Transnistria.

Despite the fact that the TMR remains an unrecognized republic, it is under certain international pressure, its territory plays an important role in the transit of international goods. Various economic sanctions and conflicts with the Moldovan leadership have been repeatedly applied to the TMR, but all of them are of a passing political nature, which means that the real threat of transport communication with the region being stopped is not significant..
Our freight forwarding company cargo transportation in Transnistria in the cities of Tiraspol, Dnestrovsk, Bender, Ribnitsa, Dubossary, Grigoriopol , with unloading of cargo; part of the cargo in Transnistria, part of the cargo in Moldova, transportation of groupage-partial cargo, or transportation in transit through Transnistria, is carried out in the normal working mode for 8 years. Transportation from Transnistria is done through customs clearance in Transnistria and Moldova.
Important industrial enterprises and factories are concentrated on the territory of Transdniestria – Moldovan metallurgical plant, world famous cognac factory “Kvint”, etc. Moldavskaya GRES located on the Nistru River exports electric energy to Romania. Also the basis of export from Transnistria is formed by textile and wine and liquor products, canned goods. Exporting countries of products from Pridnestrovie: of course, Europe, Baltic States, Finland, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, and other CIS countries.
In terms of international cargo shipments via TransnistriaTransit of cargoes coming from Moldova, Ukraine, Russia – further to other countries is carried out. Our company carries out railway transportation of cargoes in Transnistria and in transit through its territory to Ukraine, Russia. There are 8 railway stations for international cargo transportation in the PMR.
There is virtually no international air traffic in Transnistria, although the airfield in Tiraspol functions and is capable, in principle, of providing cargo and passenger air traffic from CIS and non-CIS countries, but the technical equipment of this airfield is frankly weak..
The nearest airport closer to European standards is in Chisinau or Odessa. This should be taken into account by cargo owners from the EU, for whom the only way out is to contact a transport company from Moldova that has experience in organizing multimodal transport from Transdniestria to European countries.
There is practically no river cargo transport on the Dniester. Only minor passenger traffic is carried out.
The basis of cargo and passenger transportation in Transnistria is motor transport. Due to small size of the region, motor transport is more than justified due to its maneuverability and relatively low costs.
The transit highways Brest-Chisinau-Odessa and Volgograd-Chisinau, which play a major role in international road transport through Transnistria, cross the territory of the TMR. Cargo transportation from Transnistria : Tiraspol, Bender, Ribnita, Dubasari, Grigoriopol by road transport “from door to door” in a short time at any distance you can order in our forwarding company.
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