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Transport, transportation CIS countries

Cargo transportation CIS countries – the main direction of cargo delivery organization.
The largest amount of cargo is transported from CIS countries. Small freight rates, a large number of carriers, a huge range of cargoes, all this requires a large number of transport of different types. Cheaper cost of transportation, speed of cargo delivery attract companies to reorient to the CIS goods market. Commodity turnover is increasing and demand is growing every day, which attracts low-cost carriers to this market. Goods from Belarus are transported to Moldova by Romanian transport companies, carriers from Belarus and Poland agree to transport cargo from Russia to Moldova. Huge selection of transport companies willing to provide transportation services within CIS countries allows us to offer our customers the best prices for all types of transportation by any mode of transport.
Transportation within the CIS countries. You can order by phone or ON-LINE

Transportation from Moldova to the CIS countries.

Armenia, Belarus (Belarus), Ukraine,
Russia, Moldova (Moldavia), Uzbekistan,
Turkmenistan (Turkmenistan), Tajikistan,
Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan.

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