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Cheap trucking, or the real cost of shipping.

Price per shipment this is the first thing the customer cares about, payment for cargo delivery is the most important thing for the carrier. Why prices for transportation vary in almost all transportation companies, what factors influence the pricing. Regulation of transportation prices, cost of transportation. Regulation transport prices happens unpredictably, for example, you need to transport cargo from Russia, Yekaterinburg to Romania: carriers not all countries will agree to perform such transportation. You need a Romanian visa. Transport company from Russia will not go to the region. A transport company from Romania or Moldova will. The question is at what price. If the truck is close to the loading place: it is one price, if the carrier needs to send a truck from other cities the price will be more expensive. Transporting cargo using a tilt-covered truck is cheaper, refrigerator transports, more expensive. The value of the cargo, too, affects the price of transportation. ADR cargo transportation, more expensive than regular cargo. Transportation of consolidated goods It will also take more time, additional collection costs. The cost of multimodal transport is the total cost of all modes of transport involved in this transport.Transportation insurance and responsibility for the cargo being transported. For all types of freight transport tilt trucksby refrigerators, from different countries, when transporting all kinds of products and raw materials, regardless of the value of the goods or cargo, the shipment or cargo must be insured. The customer can insure the cargo – it is not cheap. Carrier insures its responsibility for transported cargo by CMR insurance, which is much cheaper and safer. The insurance company is also responsible for the cargo.Analysis of transportation prices: a year ago, today, next year. Freight prices always depend on all the infrastructure in the world. Higher fuel prices, lack of permits for trucks to enter some countries, untrained human resources i.e. drivers. Inability to cross European countries or Turkey without proper visas. It is possible to determine price fluctuations by following the labor market, and understanding the situation in the world markets of raw materials, fuel, and consumption markets. During 2006, transport prices went up steadily, which led to the opening of new transport companies and the purchase of more trucks, and prices were slightly lowered. From 2007 to 2008, there was a strong increase in consumption in all countries for all commodities, which inevitably led to higher freight costs. In 2009, production and consumption came to a sharp decline, and the cheapening of all modes of freight transport. Further consumption of all resources, increase in production of all industries, creation and increase of jobs, in the future, will determine the pricing policy in the freight market.The cost of transportation will be cheaper if: Carrier is a private owner and driver in one person, which is always reflected in the technical condition of the truck, even in appearance, old (no loans) car. Lack of CMR insurance responsibility for transported cargo, transportation without TIR, which is an additional guarantee that the cargo will not be lost in transit countries. In some cases, long waiting time for the cargo.The price for trucking can’t be cheaper if: The transport company is responsible for the transported cargo, and this is reflected in the contract for the transportation of cargo. Modern, high quality rolling stock. The fleet of trucks is in good technical condition; it gives the customer of transportation and the cargo owner more assurance of quality, timely and safe delivery of the cargo. The carrier’s responsibility is secured by a CMR insurance policy. Carriage is performed in accordance with the TIR convention. Drivers are internationally certified and work according to the European schedule of working hours.To organize the transportation of goods and order transportation, to determine the cost of transportation, contact our company.
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