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Air cargo transportation.

Air freight is often the only quick way to get your shipment to its destination. Most often this method is used when it is necessary to deliver cargo from another continent, from USA or Australia to Europe or Russia, for example, or because of specificity of the cargo – if its value and fragility is very high, or shelf life is too short (for example, air transportation of flowers), then air transportation will be the best choice. Furthermore, one should not forget about the speed of airfreight as compared with truck or rail shipments. Yes, when comparing the cost of international freight In addition, a reputable and professional freight forwarding company has large consolidated warehouses at various locations around the globe, where shipments are assembled for different cargo owners. In addition, a solid and professional freight forwarding company has a large consolidated warehouse in different parts of the globe, which collects a batch of cargo for different cargo owners. You will agree that it is not always justified to launch an aircraft to transport a small consignment with a single order, for instance, from Australia to Moscow or Europe. Such delivery will be very expensive for the cargo owner. A consolidated warehouse can provide several shipments in one flight for one or similar destinations. If all lots of goods need to be delivered in Russia, and then only scatter to different cities, it is reasonable to send them by one plane, and then each consignment by road transport to its destination. Here it is a cost saving both for the customer and for the forwarding company, which can always offer combined methods of cargo delivery or multimodal transportation.

So, our transportation company organizes air cargo from 1 kg and more in Russia, CIS, Europe, South, North and Central America, from Africa and Australia to Europe and other destinations. We provide professional carriage of dangerous goods by air, delivery and air cargo delivery “from door to door, air transportation of any type of cargo, we will advise you on any matter of air cargo. Apply for air freight order..

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