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Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation from Moldova, Romania to Russia or multimodal transportation includes the use of different modes of transport, without additional paperwork.

Cargo transportation, which require the use of several modes of transport, such transportation is called multimodal transportation. Multimodal transportation, mainly for intercontinental routes. If you need to deliver goods from America, the Emirates or China, the shipment will begin with sea delivery, and then may continue by rail or road. Cargo can begin as an air shipment, after which the cargo will be loaded into a sea container, and after that, the truck will carry the cargo to the consignee on the autobahn. Transportation of cargo in multimodal way is happening under the same documents for the cargo without re-registration: this is a big plus, multimodal transportation organizes a freight forwarding company, there is someone to ask! The customer knows where his cargo, when the cargo goes by sea, by rail and when it will be delivered by road to the terminal recipient. Multimodal transportation implies door-to-door cargo delivery term.

Multimodal Transportation is a progressive combination of the advantages of sea, rail, road and air transport. Such transportation allows fast and cost-effective delivery of goods all over the world: from America to Moldova, from China to Romania, from the Emirates to Finland or Russia. Multimodal transportation occurs on the same supporting documents, the presence of the customer transportation is not required, saving time and money.
While the customer is in Greece or Turkey, the cargo is delivered by sea to the port, where it should be delivered to the airport, transshipped to the aircraft and delivered to China, Sweden, there are the delivery of land transport, goods can be oversized, modular, perishable. Shipments are delivered in containers directly to the recipient. All stages of multimodal transportation are insured.

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