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Transportation – consolidated shipments

Cargo transportation of joint and partial cargo from Europe and Russia to Moldova, Romania, transportation of joint cargo from Turkey and Greece to Moldova .

Transportation of groupage cargo implies the organization of transportation of small consignments. It is convenient and cost-effective in the case when there is no need to order a separate transport, and the cargo can be insignificant weight and volume. In this type of transportation, in one car will be simultaneously transported goods from different customers, which actually has no effect on the quality of transportation and delivery. Our company is engaged in transportation of joint cargo of industrial, industrial and commercial purposes, both in the state, and internationally. Collected cargo delivery is carried out as follows. A consignment is delivered to one of our consolidated warehouses in Europe, which is situated closer to the consignor. This is where the consolidated shipments are completed and sent to their designated destination. Since we operate consolidated trucking services to a number of destinations including Russia, Europe, Turkey, Italy, Asia, North, Central and South America, we have an extensive network of carriers at your disposal for whenever it is more convenient to have a consolidated warehouse ready for your shipment. Presence of reliable partners helps to accelerate the process of delivery of joint cargo, moreover is an indicator of reliability of the transport company in the market of international and consolidated cargo transportation. Thus, when you order groupage cargo delivery in our company we take upon ourselves the following obligations:

  • Preparation for execution of transport documents required for customs procedures; upon request, we will solve the issue of cargo insurance, determine the route of transportation.
  • We prepare consolidated shipments for transportation, assemble shipments, are responsible for cargo storage; we provide cargo tracking en route;
  • We organize door-to-door delivery of groupage cargoes, using different modes of transport.

Geography of shipments carried out by our company is quite extensive. We deliver groupage cargoes from China, Japan, USA, Canada, Korea, Europe.

Route consolidated shipments: transportation of consolidated cargo from Turkey, transportation of joint cargo from Greece, delivery of joint cargo from Moldova, Romania, road transportation of joint cargoes from Europe, Russia, CIS countries, including Kazakhstan, Armenia, the Baltic countries.

If we talk about the neighboring countries, the most popular is the delivery of joint cargoes from Moscow, St. Petersburg, transportation of joint cargoes in Russia, the CIS countries and Europe. Every day we carry out several groupage cargo deliveries from different cities of the world. Working for a long time in the international shipping market, we have learned how to save time and we know how expensive it is for you. By organizing a groupage cargo transportation, we take into account the term of delivery in the first place.

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