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Shipping European countries

Delivery of cargo, all modes of transport, cargo transportation from and to Europe

Our transportation -freight forwarding company organizes quality, fast and safe transportation freight from Moldova, Russia, Ukraine to European countries: Baltic States, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Holland, Germany, Romania and other EU countries. In order to organize international cargo transportation from and to Europe at a really high level, it is enough to follow the following provisions.Individual transport scheme of delivery of goods from Europe. The presence of a comprehensive program for cargo orders, developed with years of experience and customer requests, which is based on the task of minimizing the role of the client in the transportation process.In fact, after the cargo owner leaves an application on our transport website or contacted the company directly by phone, the transport department develops a scheme of optimal cargo transportation and the entire transport process, which ends safely upon delivery of cargo to its destination.Thus, a professional staff of freight forwarders, dispatchers, managers is at your disposal. All questions about transport, nuances related to the cargo, customs declarations, TIR and other documents, as well as cargo insurance – all this is discussed during the conclusion of the contract.To avoid misunderstandings, all shipping charges and the final cost of freight are calculated, and displayed at the same stage. This is the main indicator of reliability and transparency of the company, we advise you to pay attention to it. After approving the optimal route, you will only need to monitor how the delivery of your cargo – for this is enough to contact the manager in charge of your order.Compatibility of different types of cargo: Europe-all countries. As the saying goes, where you can’t go, you can’t go. Combining several types of cargo transportation – air, road, sea and rail transport allows you to save a lot of time. We will not hide it, the organization of multimodal transport is often more expensive, but when the value of cargo and the importance of prompt delivery are in the first place, this approach – the ideal solution for your order. With a knowledgeable freight forwarder and an extensive network of partners in Europe, we can deliver your cargo from anywhere on the mainland.Loyalty, building mutually beneficial relationships. The determining point for every cargo owner is the cost of freight transportation. In this matter it is not always necessary to be principled, and we are well aware of that. After all, for each customer only two factors really matter – quality and inexpensive. Firstly, let us note that we approach each order for cargo transportation from or to Europe individually, because each transportation order has its own characteristics. Here plays a role the distance from the location of transport to the location of cargo, the country – where you need to deliver the goods, additional transport costs in the process of transportation, related services for registration of cargo. Based on this, we form the cost of our transport services from countries and cities in Europe. Secondly, determining our activity is the positioning towards a client, and, consequently, our primary interest is that he and the next time with an order for international cargo transportation from Europe turned to our company. Mutually beneficial options can always be selected – and this is the key to building normal, long term partnerships. Summing up, we emphasize the main thing – in any business, the result is important, and you as a customer are interested in the transportation result, rather than the way the cargo will be delivered. Everyone is engaged in his/her own business, and we guarantee quality, safe transportation from Europe to Moldova or any other country where the transport is ordered, and vice versa. Delivery of goods from or to Europe we carry out very often, and qualitatively, by all types of vehicles.
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