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Cargo transportation Sweden

You have contacted the Transportation and Forwarding Department online. To order the necessary transport and shipping from Sweden.
The freight forwarding company MOVERSAUTO-INTERNTRANSPORT S.R.L. Provides trucking services from Sweden to the CIS countries and in the opposite direction to Sweden. We offer you to find out the cost of transportation, order transport, get advice in any direction.
Daily delivery of goods from Sweden by road, tents, semi-trailers, road trains, refrigerators. Scheduled delivery of cargo from Sweden weights from 200kg. up to 20tons. and volumes from 20 cubic meters. to 90 cubic meters. and 120 cubic meters. Regular shipping of assorted, partial, small and non-standard consignments weighing from 100kg, from the consolidated logistics warehouses.
The cost of transportation includes all shipping costs to the recipient’s warehouse, shipping insurance and liability of the shipping company.
To calculate the cost of transportation from Sweden, send a request.
Transporting goods from Sweden means simplified customs control when moving across the EU and excellent road conditions. On the other hand, for the carrier, the organization of cargo delivery from Sweden is the need to comply with the stringent requirements and conditions of EU carriage, especially the technical condition of the transport. Add to this toll motorways, visa regime and additional documentation for cargo. Of course, all this affects the formation of the cost of shipping from Sweden, but our company is not overpriced, and works at normal, competitive rates, positioned primarily on the client and the observance of his interests.
We are ready to offer for transportation Euro-4, Euro-5 vehicles corresponding to EU standards, and various types of cargo transportation from Sweden, including combined multimodal and groupage transportation. The availability of consolidated warehouses in Europe, in close proximity to Sweden, allows us to fulfill any order at reasonable prices. It is only important to maintain competent control over the movement of transport in Europe and connect it in a timely manner to the incoming orders for delivery of goods from Sweden. Our freight forwarding company will deliver your cargo from Sweden to Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, qualitatively, inexpensive and on time.

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