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Sea transport, delivery of containers by sea

Maritime transport. Maritime Container transportation.Arrangements for sea transportation of containers include: transportation of container from port to port. Sea freights are multimodal, when the transportation is carried out by several types of transport by sea, rail, road, sea transportation of oversized cargo. Our company cooperates with leading sea carriers MAERSK, EVERYGREEN, MSC, NORASIA. Organization of preloading operations in sea ports. Consolidation of small consignments from different shippers in one container on the destination. Organization of port preparation of cargo. Terms of marine container shipping according to Incoterms. Individual schemes of delivery of the container for loading in the country of origin of the container. Intra-port forwarding, custom clearance of cargo in international ports, disassembly of cargo in a collapsible container into small batches. Transportation of containers in container trailers with delivery to the recipient. Container delivery to the customs terminal and import clearance, cargo delivery to the customer’s warehouse and container unloading..

Purpose of Carriage by Sea: Transportation of containers by sea, delivery of cargo in containers has undeniable advantages. Container transportation is characterized by a high level of security. For example, when using the scheme of multimodal transport, in the process of changing of vehicle, the goods are in an iron container, which excludes theft or damage to cargo. Containerized carriage by sea means low cost of freight and delivery on time. Insured cargo and carriage in general. The cost of sea container shipping is sometimes cheaper than airfreight, trucking and railroad transportation, regardless of the type and quantity of goods. Currently the most popular are sea shipping of goods in containers of 20, 40 feet and other specialized containers. Sea shipping of containers is: low cost of transportation, high load capacity, high capacity of sea lanes..

Sea transportation containers cross-country: Container shipping is an inexpensive way to deliver cargo from the United States to Moldova, Romania. From the Mediterranean countries and South-East Asia to Ukraine and Romanian ports, and subsequently to the Giurgiulesti port in Moldova. Cargo transportation by sea is a part of multimodal transportation when different modes of transport are used.

Cargoes for transportation: Cargo for Marine container transportation. Currently, there are the following types of sea shipping: sea shipping of 20, 40 and 45 foot containers, sea container shipping of such types of cargo: transport of cars, construction equipment, tractors. Sea transportation of big bulk cargoes: ore, building materials, granulated sugar. Sea containerized carriage of bulked cargo: crushed stone, gravel, soil, sand. The loads for sea shipping are of different character and weight: building materials, special equipment. Large-size plates of different materials, oversized cargo marine transportation, metal, fuel and lubricants in barrels and in bulk. Food cargo, containers of different volumes, military equipment, assorted cargo. Check the organization of maritime container shipping in our freight forwarding company.

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