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Railroad transportation

International freight rail transportation.
Our company provides organization of rail freight of all types of cargo by various freight cars, including transportation of hazardous flammable cargo, minerals, bulky and long cargo. We organize transportation of cars, heavy machinery, pipes, timber, and other complex cargo in all CIS countries, Russia, Kazakhstan, Eastern Europe, the Far East. We deliver 20,40-foot containers, tank containers, isothermal containers with cargoes of different origin: raw materials, perishable goods by rail with the required number of cars. For over 10 years, we have been providing rail transport for group, carload, full train loads, large and small tonnage international shipments to neighboring countries. The list of services includes preparation of transport documents, organization of loading and unloading, expeditor and brokerage services, cargo tracking on the way, customs procedures and payment of customs duties, delivery of particularly valuable goods, containers, according to the scheme “from warehouse to warehouse” or “door to door. We guarantee high quality, speed and safety of our rail transport.
Freight rail transportation most often used to transport hazardous flammable cargo: petrol, diesel fuel, other types of combustible fuel; to transport fossil fuels, such as coal and other mining substances; to transport construction materials: loose rock, wood and other. Container rail transportation is the most optimal way to deliver such cargoes over long distances by land, it is safe, reliable and affordable.

Rail transportation is convenient with different options of cargo delivery: covered, semi-open and open wagons can be used, as well as isothermal wagons, which are designed for transportation of perishable goods – the second main application of rail transport. An isothermal wagon is equipped with cooling units – it is a refrigerated wagon, in which foodstuffs (fish, meat, milk) and other perishable goods can be transported over long distances. For the transport of heavy goods, rail transport is also optimally suited. Cargo transportation in containers is widely used.
While air transport benefits from the speed of delivery, rail transport benefits from the high technical equipment used in modern isothermal wagons.
Another advantage of rail transportation is the relative low cost per tonnage transported. So, let’s summarize. Freight transportation by rail is ideal for transportation of hazardous cargo, minerals, construction materials, and perishable foodstuffs. In addition, do not forget that for the delivery of goods you can always use several different units of transport. So if you need to deliver the goods over the ocean, you can always combine the rail, sea, road, and air freight, the main thing that the shipping company had all these possibilities to perform an order of any complexity. To order rail freight by railcars you can fill in the data in the application form.

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