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Cargo delivery Azerbaijan

You have applied to the Transport-Forwarding Department in ON-line mode. In order to order the necessary transport and shipping from Azerbaijan.
MOVERSAUTO-INTERNTRANSPORT S.R.L. is a freight forwarding company. Provides transportation services by road from Azerbaijan to the CIS countries and in the opposite direction to Azerbaijan. We offer you to find out the cost of transportation, order transport, and get advice in any direction.
Daily delivery of cargo from Azerbaijan by motor transport, tents semi-trailers, road trains, refrigerators. Scheduled delivery of cargoes from Azerbaijan ranging from 200kg. up to 20tons. and volumes from 20 cubic metres to 90 cubic metres and 120 cubic metres. Regular transportations of joint, partial, small and non-standard cargoes weighing from 100kg, from consolidated logistic warehouses.
Shipping cost includes all shipping charges, up to the recipient’s warehouse, shipping insurance, liability of the shipping company.
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