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Cargo delivery Russia, shipments from Russia.

You have contacted the Transportation and Forwarding Department online. In order to order the necessary transport and shipping from Russia.
Provides cargo transportation services by road from Russia to CIS countries and in the opposite direction to Russia. We offer you to find out the cost of transportation, order transport, get consultation in any direction.
Daily groupage cargo delivery from Russia by motor transport, tents semi-trailers, road trains, refrigerators. We deliver cargoes weighing from 200kg. up to 20tons. and volumes from 20cub. up to 90cub. and 120cub. according to the schedule from Russia. Regular transportations of joint, partial, small and non-standard cargoes weighing from 100kg, from consolidated logistic warehouses..
Shipping cost includes all transport charges, up to the recipient’s warehouse, transport insurance, responsibility of the transport company.
When transporting cargo from Russia to Moldova or Romania One cannot but note the advantages and privileges enjoyed by all CIS member states. First of all, it is the availability of international transport corridors and rather lenient border customs control, unlike in European countries. Delivery of cargoes from Russia is one of the main directions in the activity of our transport company because this country, like other CIS members, is one of the main trade partners of Moldova and Russia, and the volume of cargo turnover between these countries determines the demand and supply in the local international cargo transportation market. This should be borne in mind when shaping transport policy, especially since Moldova, being a country with a transition economy, is unlikely to see a radical change of focus on the EU in the near future.
Cargo transportation from Russia is carried out by road and rail transport and is characterized, in principle, by short distances and affordable conditions. To transport cargo from Russia, as well as from other CIS countries, it is necessary to have a specific package of documents – our specialists will inform you about its contents. Destination of shipments from Russia:We organize transportation of groupage, dangerous and other types of cargo from Russia to the Baltic States, transportation from Russia to Moldova and Romania, transportation from Russia to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, cargo delivery from Russia to Armenia, Azerbaijan.Trucking from Russia to Turkey, from Russia to Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and other countries.

Cargo transportation from Russia to Europe, CIS countries, passing transportations to Russia.

Russia is one of the priority directions of international freight transportation for almost any country. Moreover, this applies to both exports and imports of goods. Russia, having a large territory, is rich in natural resources, it is the largest exporter of oil and gas, having 32% of the world’s reserves of blue fuel. Plus, the country has strong production of electrical, electronic and optical equipment, chemical, pulp and paper, metallurgical, etc. production, so that Russia is truly a world leader in exporting goods. On the other hand, Russia is attractive for freight forwarding due to high demand among the population, i.e. large market for goods and services. Transport companies from Europe, Asia and other parts of the world aim to enter the Russian market, as this promises undoubted profit and business development. What to say about the post-Soviet space, the CIS member states, for which Russia was and remains the main strategic partner. The relations between Moldova and Russia over the past 20 years can be called stable. Certainly, the main exported goods to Russia are wines and cognacs, but also other products of the textile and food industry.
Our freight forwarding company is ready to consider any offers in connection with cargo transportation by railway transport, motor transport, transportation of containers, joint cargoes, dangerous, liquid and loose cargoes from Moldova to Russia, from Romania to Russia, transportation from European and Asian countries to Russia and in the opposite direction. Considering transportation from and to Russia, as one of the main areas of the organization of international transport, we are constantly improving the services we provide for the carriage of goods, because such a complex and diverse market does not tolerate defects, errors and malfunctions in the work. We value our clients and partners from Russia, and will continue to develop this direction.
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