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The cost of delivery of oversized cargo.

The cost of transportation of goods that are considered oversized reflects the size and weight of the cargo being transported, the equipment used, as well as the accompanying activities, country permits, escort of police or other traffic services of transit countries. Regardless of the quantity, size, type and weight of cargo, the cost of transportation depends on the quality of cargo delivery, cargo safety, cargo insurance, terms of transportation, speed of oversized cargo transportation. Freight price depends on the specifics of the cargo, which package of documents must be prepared, cargo location, invoice value of cargo, the number of customs codes. Package of cargo, the number of loading places by country, direction by country, distance of transport to the place where the cargo is. Transport distance, number of transit countries to the place of unloading, transit fees for this cargo, payment terms, for the transportation of this cargo, delivery time and even weather conditions.

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