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The cost of delivery of perishable goods by refrigerated trucks.

The main factors affecting the pricing of cargo transportation by refrigerated trucks. Refrigerated trucks with refrigeration units are used to transport perishable products, goods that need to be transported at a certain temperature and maintain the temperature regime from the beginning of transportation to the unloading of cargo. We are talking about all the goods and goods requiring temperature control for transportation in a refrigerated truck. The determining factor in the cost of delivery of perishable goods by refrigerators is the quality of delivery, preservation of transported cargo, cargo insurance, the terms of transportation, the speed of transportation, compliance with different temperatures for the transportation of different goods. Each type of cargo has its own rules and temperature conditions from +15 to – 20 C. The price of transportation depends on the specifics of the cargo, which package of documents must be prepared, the location of the cargo, the invoice value of the cargo, the number of customs codes. The packing of cargo, the number of loading places by country, the direction of transport by country, the distance of transport to the place where the cargo is. Transport distance, number of transit countries to the place of unloading, transit fees for this cargo, payment terms, for the transportation of this cargo, delivery time and even weather conditions.

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