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Refrigerator, temperature-controlled cargo transportation

Transport for transportation: Refrigerator semi-trailer +10 – 20. C. from 50 cu. m. to 86 cu. m. Auto-train refrigerator onboard + trailer +10 -20C. The volume of transport. From 20 cu. m. to 100 cu. m.
Weight of transported cargo up to 21.5 tons. 33 euro pallet. Transport with TIR and CMR.Semitrailer dimensions: Length 13.65m,2.4m width for cargo,2.6m height.
Dimensions of flatbed truck with trailer: Length 8.10 m, width 2.4 m, height 2.6 m..
Dimensions of the trailer with cooling unit: Length 7.50m, width 2.4m, height 2.6m.
For refrigerated cargo there is a small transport Load capacity up to 8 tons, transport volume 36 cubic meters. also with the same temperature mode of transportation.
Purpose of transport: Cargo transportation with temperature in the body from +15 C. to -25 C. The car is equipped with an installation for maintaining temperature conditions from -30 C. to +30 C. with a thermograph, which allows you to monitor the temperature of the products on the way. For the truck with a trailer, the refrigeration units are installed on the truck and trailer, and the temperature regime is the same. Two bodies allow the transport of different types of cargo, different temperatures, loading and unloading in different places..

Cargo transportation by country: shipping from Poland to Moldova, shipping from Romania to Russia, shipping from Bulgaria to Turkey, the Baltic States from Romania, Moscow, Peter, all cities in Russia and Europe, shipping from Moldova to Europe, and back to Moldova or Romania. Freight transported in refrigerators should preferably be insured.

Goods for transport in refrigerator: Meat, fish, food, canned food. Medicines, dairy products, confectionery, cheese. Sausage. Transportation of foodstuffs requiring the maintenance of temperature regime, frozen vegetables, frozen fruit, flowers, grapes and fresh fruit, frozen concentrates, beverages alcoholic and alcohol-free winter and summer. For transportation of foodstuffs, a sanitary passport is required for transport.

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