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Trucking from Turkey, transport from Turkey

You have contacted the Forwarding Department online. In order to order the necessary transport and shipment from Turkey.
MOVERSAUTO-INTERNTRANSPORT S.R.L. is a freight forwarding company. Provides trucking services from Turkey to the CIS countries and in the opposite direction to Turkey. We offer to find out the cost of transportation, order the transport, and get advice in any direction. Daily delivery of cargo from Turkey by road, tents, semi-trailers, road trains, refrigerators. We deliver cargoes weighing from 200kg up to 20tons, and volumes from 20kub up to 90kub and 120kub according to schedule from Turkey. Regular Transportation of groupage, partial, small and non-standard consignments from Turkey weighing from 100kg, from consolidated logistics warehouses.
Shipping cost includes all shipping charges, up to the recipient’s warehouse, shipping insurance, liability of the shipping company.
Cargo transportation from Turkey, the directions of transportation from Turkey: Turkey-Russia, Turkey-Kazakhstan, Turkey-Uzbekistan, Turkey-Turkmenistan, transportation from Turkey to Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, as well as from other Asian countries, at affordable prices. We provide one hundred percent quality and optimal conditions of transportation, in compliance with all agreements reached at the conclusion of the contract for the transportation. We are always ready to offer multiple options for delivery of cargo from Turkey to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Europe, we use combined methods of transportation using different types of transport – by sea, road, rail, air. We attract the associated transport, if at receipt of the application to deliver cargo from Turkey, such just finished the execution of another order and is free. We work with transport companies of all countries, combining efforts, Optimizing the cost of shipping from Turkey.
Organization of cargo from Turkey, as well as in general from other Asian countries, is often associated with the solution of common transport problems, the timely execution of the proper transport documents and other related services, these concerns are entrusted to our freight forwarding company.
Shipping from and to Turkey.
Turkey is an important center of international trade, located at the intersection of two parts of the world – Europe and Asia. In strategic terms, Turkey’s role in the development of the world economy can hardly be overestimated. Turkey is surrounded by three seas – Black Sea, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea and the seaports located on its shores are the main routes of communication with Russia, EU, Africa, USA and the main conductors of foreign trade operations.
Our freight forwarding company will organize cargo delivery from any major port in Turkey – Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Kemer, etc. to the CIS countries, Romania, EU, the Baltic States. Cargo owners from the European part of Russia, Baltic States, Poland, Romania, other EU countries shall find it profitable to address to the forwarding agents from Moldova.
We have established a proven, high quality scheme of work for delivery of all types of cargo from Turkey – food and beverages in refrigerators, clothing and other goods in containers by rail, general cargo, dangerous, bulk and liquid cargo.
By the way, it is the textile and food industries that are the leading industries of the Turkish industry, and this is easy to believe, just look at the number of jeans and other clothing shipped to the CIS and EU countries from Turkey, or walk through the market in Moscow, where the counters are full of Turkish fruit.

Turkey has long been trying to become a member of the EU, but year after year the European Commission finds new and new reasons for refusal. Until 2007, it did not even close the door of the community for the next 10 years.
The main reason for the refusal is often said to be the economic backwardness of Turkey, although Bulgaria and Romania are not far behind on this indicator. Anyway, Turkey continues to develop intensively and plays an important role in the imports of EU countries, Russia, the U.S. and Arab countries.
The basis of exports are agricultural products, food; also – minerals, ore, textiles. Our forwarding company will deliver any cargo from and to Turkey.
Destination shipments from Turkey Trucking from Turkey to Russia, Kazakhstan..
Shipping from Turkey to Belarus
Cargo transportation from Turkey to the Baltic States; Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.
Multimodal, and transportation of joint cargoes from Turkey to Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan..
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