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Tent, vehicles for transportation of standard loads

Transport, tilt semitrailer. Euro standard volume of transport from 86 cubic meters to 92 cubic meters.

The weight of the transported cargo up to 22 tons. 33 euro pallets.

Transport size of the semi-trailer: Length 13.65m, width for cargo 2.45m, height 2.72m.

Transport purpose: Euro standard tilt semitrailers are designed for long and middle distances cargo transport. Loading into the tilt semitrailer is possible from the top, from the side, and from the rear. This type of transport is the most widely used in international haulage. Tiled-covered semi-trailer can load cargo on pallets, cargo in barrels, cargo in crates, big bags, kegs for beer transportation, transportation of cargo in bales, compressed materials of different compositions. Cargo dangerous and non-hazardous. Cargo transportation in bags, cargo in rolls, equipment transportation. Freights of wide consumption by population, industrial freights, household freights for wholesale and retail trade.

Cargo transportation by country: from Moldova, Romania, the transportation of goods from Russia to Romania Turkey, the delivery of goods from Europe. Transportation from Ukraine, cargo delivery from Turkey to Russia, Moldova, transportation from Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Kazakhstan, transportation from and to Europe. Transportation of all cargo the company offers to insure.

Shipping cargo in tents: cargo such as foodstuffs, preservation, clothing, shoes, equipment, cars. Building materials, furniture, fabrics. Household and industrial air-conditioners, household goods, household chemicals and ADR cargo. Carpeting, linoleum, cable shipping, paper in coils, paint and varnish shipping, electric motors. Textiles. Transport in tilt semitrailers can be done under TIR and CMR.

If you need to transport goods and you do not know which transport to use, please contact us.

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