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For several years the managers of the freight forwarding company Moversauto-Intertransport from Moldova have been dealing with in-depth analysis of international transport and transport policy in general and thoroughly studied all aspects of the market economy of the country..
The development of commodity relations between the countries directly depends on the leading transport industry of the country, which contributes to the development of the Moldovan consumer market and the world economy as a whole.

For the purpose of development of transport services both for state and private structures (enterprises) we conduct marketing researches in the given sphere improving the package of transport services. In the period of formation of market relations a new scientific and practical direction appeared and began to develop actively – Logistics. Interest in the new science, due to the needs of economic and business development, which leads to increased levels of freight transport. Transport logistics – a complex science that requires appropriate knowledge and experience, a necessary element in the activities of each company engaged in exports and imports of goods. Our company uses a variety of transport and logistics chains in the area of goods transportation and delivery.
Transport logistics The freight transportation directly includes, all transportation costs and terms of goods delivery. Certainly, managers-logists of Moversauto-Intertransport from Moldova, aspire to optimal ratio of price and quality of transportation regardless of its type: – whether it is air freight, sea freight or road freight. Long-term experience and close cooperation with companies – partners allows us to expand the range of transport and logistics services, including: warehouse services for responsible storage of goods and timely delivery to consumers in retail and wholesale network of Moldova, from warehouses of our reliable partners.

Our company’s transport logistics.
It is a systematic, structured delivery, movement of any material objects, substances, etc. from one point of Europe, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Kazakhstan, etc., to another, by an optimal route. Transport logistics is one of the main branches of our company. Our logistics expertise enables reliable management of information and material flows in the movement of goods, optimal calculation of shipping costs, the route of transportation, which is possible to deliver the logistics object in the shortest possible time with minimal costs, and with minimal harm to the object of delivery, as well as ensuring technological unity of the transport and warehousing process. The logistics department of our forwarding company simplifies (assumes) the problems of customers by preparing the definite terms of transport and warehousing..

Specialists of our company qualitatively choose type and type of transport that will correspond to classification and characteristics of the cargo.Together with the customer and transport companies, leading carriers from Europe, Asia, CIS countries, planning of transport processes with warehousing and manufacturing operations, rational route of delivery is determined.Our logistics industry development objectives include maximum reduction of storage time; reduction of transportation time; rational distribution of.

Transport logistics department development in our company is defined as a sphere of activity covering three areas: the process of planning, organization and implementation of rational and inexpensive delivery (transportation) of cargoes (goods) from the places of their production and to the places of consumption, control over all transport and other operations arising in the course of cargo transit. Using modern means of telecommunication, informatics and other information technologies; providing relevant information to cargo owners. The main task of transport logistics is: creation of transport schemes, including the creation of transport corridors and transport chains. In other words, to provide all clients with quality services, in the right place, the right transport, at the right time, at a reasonable price..

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