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Awning, road train with trailer, transportation of light, voluminous cargo

Transportation Tent, Trailer with Trailer from 15 cubic, up to 110-120 cubic
The weight of the transported cargo from 200kg. up to 22,5tons. 34 euro pallet.Transport dimensions: 110m. cu. Car length 7.5m, width 2.43m, height 3m..
Trailer length 7.50m, width 2.43m, height 3 – 54.6m. cube.The dimensions of transport: 120m. cube. Car length 8.10m. width 2.43m, height 3.05-m 60m. cube. trailer length 8.10m. width 2.43m,height 3.05-m 60m. cube. the purpose of transport: Transportation of light and bulky cargo, loading and unloading: the top, rear and side. Possible unloading and loading, simultaneously in two places. Delivery of cargo for different recipients, the transportation of partial and combined cargo. Cargo is carried under two seals and can be unloaded or discharged in different cities in the country. Transport with Kornet -TIR and CMR.

Cargo transportation by country: Transportation of wool from Italy and Turkey to Russia, transportation from Uzbekistan to Moldova with cotton, delivery of cargo such as diapers and napkins from Romania to Russia, transportation of sandwich panels from Poland, Germany to Moldova. All shipments are very light and bulky, a small part of groupage cargo. It is desirable to insure the transportation of goods.

Loads to be transported in a road train: Transportation of textile products, transportation of batting as raw material and batting products, foam rubber for furniture production, carpets, transportation of waste paper, furniture kits and light non-hazardous cargo. Transportation of footwear, upholstered furniture, cargo and passenger car tires, foam. Transportation of insulation materials, glass wool, plastic wares, children’s hygiene products, hygiene products, transportation of sandwich panels, propylene pipes, transportation of sanitary ware, theatrical and concert props. High demand for transportation of light and bulky cargo and goods.

Manager of the company will help you to determine what kind of transport is required for your cargo.

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