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Jumbo, awning trailer for bulky and oversized cargo

Transport tilt semitrailer platform – Yumbo, volume of transport is 105 cubic meters. The weight of the goods transported up to 22 tons. 34 euro pallets.

Transport dimensions: The trailer with the upper platform for cargo, and the lower platform for loading. The dimensions of the upper platform, length – 4,4 m. width – 2,45 m. height – 2,7, m Floor dimensions of the lower part of the trailer: length – 9,2 m. width – 2,45 m. height – 3,15 m.

Transport purpose: Transportation of oversized cargoes, oversized cargoes, transportation of constructions and cargoes with loading height of three meters.

Freight transportations per countries. Transportation from Germany, France, Italy, Russia. Equipment shipping from Romania to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, shipping from Turkey, Serbia to Russia, transportation from Moldova. Cargo transportation from Finland and the Baltics. It is desirable to insure the transportation of any type of cargo.

Goods for Jumbo: Transportation of tractors, combines, beer kegs, cargo in barrels, oversized food cargo, industrial tanks. Industrial cargo: refrigerators, air conditioners, machine tools, equipment of all industries, transportation of supermarket equipment, industrial – showcases, fabric in rolls in boxes, transportation of truck tires and cars, secondhand cargo, cargo, where the height up to 3 meters. For more information about cargo transportation to Yumbo, you can find out by calling the manager of the company.

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