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Freight railroad transportation by freight railroad cars

Purpose of railcars:International railway transportations on medium and long distances. Railway transportations of cargoes of different origin, dimensions and categories. The delivery of standard, heavy, bulky, perishable consignments in rail wagons. Railway wagons for food, chemical and bulk cargo. Railway freight in flatcars, boxcars, hoppers and open wagons. Railway transport of cars, machinery, wood, grain, fertilizers, metal, assorted lading, in different types of Railway wagons. Loading of wagons is carried out from the top or from the side through the doors depending on the type of cargo and the used railway wagon..

Types of railcars for cargo transportation:

Covered universal and specialized wagons for transportation of standard, industrial, domestic cargoes. Carrying capacity 68-71 -120 -132t, volume – 120-138,0 m3.

Freestanding isothermal wagons, refrigerated sections for transportation of perishable goods. Carrying capacity and capacity of one wagon – 43-49t. and 94.5-108.0 m3. Carrying capacity of five-car refrigeration section – 160-200t..

Thermos wagons for transportation of perishable liquid cargoes. Carrying capacity – 60t, volume – 128m3.

Open gondola cars for transportation of cargoes of different characteristics: building materials, bulk cargoes. Carrying capacity and volume – 71t. and 75.2 m3.

– for the transportation of bulk cargoes, fertilizers, minerals. Load capacity – 70 tonnes, volume 60-72m3, 81-87m3.

Tank wagons for the transportation of liquid food and chemical cargo. Capacity – 60 – 125t.

Transporter cars for the transportation of bulky and heavy loads, special. and agricultural machinery. Load capacity – 55 – 220 – 480 tons.

Platform cars (universal and specialized) for transportation of containers, cars, long-length cargoes. Length: 13-14m – 18-22m. Cargo-carrying capacity – 60-75 tons.

Countries rail freight: rail freight from Europe and CIS countries, the Baltics, Serbia, Turkey, Bulgaria. Freight delivery by rail wagons from Romania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. Rail transport by the railroad cars from China, Mongolia, the Urals and the Far East. Transportation of any cargo by rail we recommend to insure.

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