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Air cargo transportation, air cargo delivery, features of air transportation Europe, Asia, CIS, Russia

Our freight forwarding company from Moldova carries out air freight transportation by air, cargo planes, to all countries of the world of any type of cargo, including the most complex – hazardous, oversized, especially valuable cargo. We provide a full range of related transport services and guarantee full safety and quality of air cargo transportation to Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, CIS and Baltic countries, EU and other countries of the world.

Rules of air cargo delivery The process of air cargo transportation includes acceptance of cargo from the sender, customs inspection of cargo, cargo weighing, repacking if necessary. If the cargo is fragile, it must not be turned and shaken, the packaging is labeled to prevent damage during transportation and loading and unloading.

Customs officers fill out the AIR Waybill, which includes the shipper and consignee details, as well as the flight number. AWB air waybill for international shipments by air.

The Air Waybill serves as proof of contract between the cargo owner and the carrier. The air waybill certifies that cargo has been accepted for carriage. The air waybill indicates details in accordance with the cargo invoice (point of origin, gross weight, number of packages, chargeable weight, etc.). Air waybills for air carriage are handed over together with the cargo to the airline responsible for air carriage of the cargo.

Using the flight number, the cargo owner will be able to track the cargo in transit 24 hours a day, and know for sure where his cargo is at any given moment. The preparatory work for air cargo shipment is preceded by the conclusion of a contract for cargo delivery between the cargo owner and the transportation company. This serves as an additional guarantee of the quality of our transport services.

Cost of air freight. The cost of air freight depends on the destination and country of delivery, number of transfer points, size and type of cargo, timeliness of delivery and congestion of the flight. For our customers, companies and individuals, we offer both passenger and cargo aircraft from leading airlines of the world: Air Moldova, Aeroflot, Transaero, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Lufthansa.

Depending on cargo characteristics and customer’s requirements, airplanes of different models and capacity are provided for loading: IL, AN, Tu-154, Airbus, Boeing. If the client needs to deliver small or medium-sized cargo, the best option is air transportation in passenger aircraft. For larger consignments, as well as bulky and heavy cargo, cargo planes are used directly. Cargo aircraft can also be rented in full – it is more profitable and practical for large volumes of export and import shipments.