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Trailer, transport of heavy, oversized cargo

Transportation of oversized and very heavy cargo. Weight of transported cargo: Transportation of oversized cargo up to 32 tons.

Over-sized cargo is considered over dimensioned cargo: length over 13.6m, width over 2.50m, and height over 3.15m. The weight of oversize cargo is over 23tons.

Transport purpose: Delivery of oversized cargo requires a special, technically equipped semi-trailer; the transport company must have a special permit for transportation, coordination with road service, and accompaniment by a traffic police car. The driver who transports the oversized cargo is certified, and must comply with the rules of transportation of oversized cargo regulated by each transit country. Transportation of oversized cargo is carried out using special equipment for securing the cargo and the necessary equipment. Transportation of oversized cargo takes much more time and additional financial expenses. For example, the transportation of ordinary goods from Germany to Moldova takes 3-5 days. Delivery of oversized goods will take 7 to 12 days.

Oversized cargo transportation by country: shipments from Europe, Russia. Freight from Romania, shipping from Italy to Moldova, shipping from Ukraine to Romania. The countries of destination and the transportation route are determined when we issue documents for carriage. Our company insures the transportation of oversized cargo. Equipment, tanks, tanks, pipes, tractors, combines, construction and road equipment. Casual houses for builders. Lumber round timber. All cargoes regarded as oversized.

Services for the transportation of oversized cargo, you will have in our forwarding company.

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