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Transportation of consolidated shipments

The scope of transport services, as a separate type of transportation includes international delivery of parcels, packages of documents, parcels, valuable goods. The very organization of delivery of such cargo implies maximum delivery speed: it is not the case when customer could take advantage of standard timeframes of postal services. This is why he turns to companies that professionally provide courier services, express delivery of parcels, correspondence and documents.

Like other types of transportation, delivery of such small, lightweight cargo has its own specifics. For example, courier delivery today is very much in demand at the household level, in city and intercity scales; flower delivery or delivery of goods purchased in online stores is also organized by courier services. Specialization of our forwarding company is international delivery of parcels, packages, small loads with observance of special features of express courier delivery: efficiency, mobility, the highest degree of responsibility and quality.

Goods prohibited for carriage in international parcels:
alcoholic products, ethyl alcohol, beer. Any types of tobacco products and smoking mixtures. Weapons (and their parts), cartridges for them (their parts), products structurally similar to civilian and service weapons, sights, night vision goggles, camouflage uniforms (except civilian brands in military style). Radioactive materials, cultural values, and goods subject to rapid deterioration. Live animals, excluding bees, leeches, silkworms. Plants in any form or condition, plant seeds. Precious stones in any form or state, natural diamonds, except for jewellery. Narcotics, psychotropic substances, including in the form of medicines, ozone-depleting substances and other goods prohibited for carriage under the acts of the Universal Postal Union and the customs laws of the Customs Union, “toys for adults”.

Delivery methods for parcels and packages.
We carry out ground delivery of parcels by road in cities of Russia, the CIS and the European Union. Regular delivery of parcels by minibus from Europe to Moldova, once a week we send transport with parcels from Russia to Moldova. Several flights with parcels from Germany to cities in Russia, as well as transportation of parcels from Finland, Baltics to Moldova and Romania. Parcels are delivered every day without any stops, regardless of the country where the parcel is sent. In the case of distance of transportation direction we organize delivery by air transport, for example from USA to Europe, or from America to Moldova, we always have passing transport for parcels delivery, and reliable partnership with other courier companies, so there are always few variants of urgent sending and delivery of any parcel to any country of the world.

All you need to do – to fill the request for delivery of parcels, packages, etc. on our website, after receiving and analyzing your order, we will find the most suitable transport and method of sending and delivery of a parcel or package, regardless of the value of the parcel, quickly agree on the route; if necessary, connect additional resources: carriers, employees of other transportation and courier companies.

Your parcel or package will be delivered to any country, in any direction on time and at the highest level of service and safety. When sending a parcel by regular postal service, no one guarantees its complete safety and protection from loss somewhere along the way, it is transported with thousands of others. When parcels, packages of documents, or parcel postal wrappers are transported by transportation company, the forwarder accompanies your valuable cargo personally, and the company bears all responsibility for quality and efficiency of transportation; if necessary, your parcel will be insured.

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