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Container truck, delivery of goods in containers

Motor transport for shipping containers:
Container truck with a container carrier to transport a 20 ft. and 40 ft. container.
The weight of the transported cargo in the container up to 22 tons.
The dimensions of the containers to be transported.The purpose of this transport is: the transportation of sea containers. Containers are transported by trucks on container trucks – a platform with a container holder. The railroad transportation of containers is the installation and lashing of containers in wagons, for the transportation of the container by rail.
Transportation of containers by container ships. Most of the containers are transported by multimodal schemes, first containers are transported by sea or rail, and then the containers are transported by container trucks.

Container transportation by country: the transportation of the container from port cities in Europe: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hamburg, from port cities in France, Italy. Bulgaria, Russia, the Baltic States, Turkey. Shipping container from the seaports of Romania Constantia, shipping containers from Odessa or Ilyichevsk in Moldova. Transportation of the container is desirable to insure. Our company offers to insure the transportation of cargo in containers.

Cargo in containers: There are several types of containers for different types of cargo. In a sea container is transported automobiles, construction materials, bulk cargo and liquid cargo, hazardous and non-hazardous goods, the sea container is very versatile for many types of cargo. Transportation of goods in containers provides increased safety and security of goods, as well as the transportation of goods in refrigerated containers.

Cargo transportation, containerized cargo or other mode of transport is discussed with our managers in the contract of carriage.

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