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Sea freight

Maritime transportation of containers from Odessa, Ilyichevsk, Constanta to Moldova and Romania

International sea container shipping is one of the most convenient ways of cargo delivery. The very definition of the term implies cargo transportation by sea – it is very convenient and safe. Being in a sealed container of 20 feet or 40 feet, the cargo is protected from any external influences, in addition, container transportations are very convenient at unloading goods in port and changing of transport at the further transportation. Transportation of goods by sea transport is notable for its affordability, mobility and fairly low prices for long distances, but do not forget that to deliver the goods to the port – is only half the battle, there are internal port work, processing of documents, customs procedures, giving container truck and loading the container, the transportation of the container recipient on land. In this case, multimodal trucking is used, allowing the implementation of the popular door-to-door delivery scheme. The container will be accurately reloaded on trucks in the port and safely continue its way to the destination point. Transport company Movers-auto S.R.L. from Moldova offers a full range of services in the organization of international container shipping, including container transportation by rail, as well as container delivery by road.

We professionally organize the transport of cargo in a container as a part of a complete cargo to Russia from Europe, Asia, Central and South America, Africa, carry out shipping in sea transport through the ports of Odessa, Ilyichevsk, St. Petersburg, Baltics, Antwerp, Hamburg, Rotterdam. All you shall have to do is to conclude a marine carriage contract with our company, all details of which we shall discuss at the conclusion. After this we’ll get down to business. We’ll be engaged in insurance of cargo, customs clearance of cargo and other accompanying documents, develop an optimal route, taking into account the most convenient international transport and shipping lines, if necessary we will contact our partners in the ports where the planned unloading or loading, if they may be needed help. The shipping costs include: delivery of the container to the port by container trucks, loading the container on board the vessel, and delivery of the container to the recipient in the country and city of delivery of your goods. During years of work in the shipping market we have gained a sufficient number of reliable partners, carried out the transportation of goods from the sea ports of St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk sea port, Murmansk and other major ports in Russia, Europe, USA. Therefore we can safely solve most of the problems associated with maritime transport of containers and multimodal container transportation of goods.

Providing international cargo transportation services, the company “MOVERS-AUTO”, along with road transport of goods, carries out container shipping from the U.S., China and other countries by sea.

Container shipments are reliable and cost-effective.

Even with well-developed port infrastructure, maritime container transportation is a complex task that requires precise actions and high professionalism at all stages of cargo transportation.

MOVERS-AUTO has everything you need to get the job done of any complexity, both maritime and multimodal transport “sea-land” by sea and land transport.

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