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Collected cargo transportation

We need to transport a small batch of goods, for example, ten tons of apples, but a whole tent for such transportation is not cost-effective to order, and transport parts in a bus even more expensive. So what to do? It is high time to speak about groupage cargo – an ingenious invention of logisticians and haulers. Consolidated shipments are consignments from different customers, which are transported by one vehicle.

TRANSPORT. For the transportation of groupage cargo, a wide variety of transport is involved. It all depends on the nature of the collected goods. It can be vans, containers, conventional tilt-covered trucks, road trains (if the cargo is very voluminous, if there are many orders), refrigerators. It all depends on the number and volume of collected goods, their characteristics, the conditions of carriage and destination. Special consolidated warehouse is engaged in collection and sorting of cargo. Our company has extensive experience in transportation of cargoes and their safety. Entrust our company with your goods, and we will deliver it on time!

Transported as a part of groupage cargo – from 200 kg. up to 20 tons.

TYPE OF GROWTH. You can send almost anything in this way. Collected cargo can transport goods in small (1-2 euro pallets) and quite large shipments (over a ton). Everything can be transported, except for hazardous and oversized cargo. For example, small equipment and spare parts, small lots of long storage goods. These are toys, clothes, textiles, electronics, cosmetics, perfumes, construction materials.

REFERENCES: Collected shipments are in demand in Europe, Russia and Turkey. Such shipments are ordered in the Baltic States and Scandinavia. Delivery of joint cargoes from Moldova to Ukraine and from Ukraine to Moldova, from Romania to Moldova is well established. This industry of cargo transportation is well developed in Russian regions, as well as in European and CIS countries. The customers are often commercial companies and firms that need regular delivery of goods in small batches.

SAFETY AND COMFORT. During transport, the goods are packed in containers or wooden crates to avoid damage and loss en route. Packed loads are compactly placed and secured in the vehicle. The route is carefully planned. There will be several delivery points en route and everywhere the cargo must arrive strictly at the agreed time. Unfortunately, the delivery of groupage cargo takes twice as much time as usual. Take this into account when planning your shipment.

ADVANTAGES. Collected cargo transportation is an affordable, high quality and budget shipping. Cargo is collected in portions and in small batches, loaded into one vehicle. The total cost of transportation is divided between the cargo owners. The amount to be paid for the delivery in the end depends only on the weight of cargo and its occupied area. This is much cheaper than paying for complex transportation. Additional loading on the route in different cities and countries is possible. Such transportation is very efficient and cost-effective when small consignments need to be shipped frequently. For example, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies.

DOCUMENTS. Your goods as part of your weed cargo should be insured. This will reduce the risks. When ordering transport, a transport contract is drawn up between the customer and the transport company. It takes into account the delivery time, and the possibility (sometimes) to track the cargo on the way. When the goods are unloaded on a trailer, the driver will clear the cargo himself, issue a declaration, write down the following on the consignment note.

It is worth emphasizing that the transportation of groupage cargo is very profitable and appropriate. The main thing to remember – it’s hard work and it requires professionalism and experience, our company has long been in the market and it guarantees quality. Order with us!

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