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Air freight

Air freight, air cargo delivery, express air freight.

Are you looking for a company to arrange air freight for your shipment?. You are wondering what your costs will be for air freight. You do not know how your shipment will arrive at its destination afterwards. Fill in the request form for air transportation. Then we will contact you by phone to clarify the details of the goods, the directions of air transportation and we can tell you the cost of all costs for delivery of your goods by air. The cost of air delivery may depend on: distance of air transportation, weight and volume of your air cargo, and the value of your shipment. Some costs for door to airport, or airport to recipient’s door.
The airfare will include: Air waybill preparation, cargo customs declaration, repackaging and weighing costs, delivery from the airport in the country of arrival to your consignee.
Destinations by country we can offer you for air freight: from Moldova to Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan. From China to Moldova. From the Arab Emirates to Russia.
Direction of air delivery from Asia to Russia: Malaysia, India, Singapore. Air cargo delivery from Israel, Turkey, Greece.
Find out costs for air freight and air express delivery to: all European countries, Russia, Belarus, Far East, China, Baltic, Arab Emirates. Asian countries: Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Africa, USA (America), Canada, South America Air freight from / to Moldova, Ukraine, Estonia, Finland and other countries.

You can find out the cost of air transportation for other destinations, by sending us the data in the air freight order form.

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