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A road train with a tent trailer. from 50 cubic meters to 120 cubic meters 21t.


Does your business involve the need to transport light loads? Raw materials or finished products, all must be delivered on time and with their primary qualities intact. It would seem that just lightweight products that are easy to load and come out small in weight. In practice, things are different, small weight cargo is usually bulky, takes up a lot of space, and in order not to overpay for transportation you need to find the right transport. In this case it is better to trust a reliable transportation company.

What refers to light and bulky cargo? Paper, foam, mineral wool, roofing materials, plastic packaging, sandwich panels, sintepon, hollofiber and other products that weigh little, but can fill a car.

How to deliver such cargo? Optimal transport is a tilt road train. It is a universal vehicle, which is used to transport both voluminous and light products, as well as small batches of goods..

BODY TYPE: A road train consists of a tractor and a trailer, one or more. Using such a transport solution makes it possible to transport bulky but not very heavy products. For example, do you need to deliver a shipment of foam plastic, toilet paper, or polystyrene? If you are a cargo owner and are faced with such a task, there is no need to overpay for transportation by several trucks. A truck-train is a versatile and inexpensive solution.

Length.width.Height.Capacity (m3).

The dimensions of the roadtrailer per 120 m3

Dimensions (in meters)

Note that the road train is not used for transportation of products longer than 8 meters. Please verify the dimensions of the vehicle before placing your order, because they may vary.

What can a road train transport?
The universal vehicle is suitable for the delivery of a diverse range of light and bulky goods. In particular, the following product categories are concerned:

  • Consumer goods – diapers, wipes, paper towels, toilet paper;
  • raw materials – foam rubber, cotton, packing materials, synthetic material;
  • construction materials – polystyrene, mineral wool, foam.

The road train is characterized by high capacity, so it is used in the transportation of groupage cargo.

The advantages of the road train

The vehicle stands out by its many advantages, which make it a popular and profitable choice. Durable fabric impermeable coating protects the cargo from damage. Awning retains penetration of sunlight, rain, dust and other unpleasant phenomena, so you do not have to worry about the integrity of the product.

Packages are placed on pallets and fastened securely to protect them from shifting during transit and from loss. Convenient and fast loading is possible by removing the tent and lowering the sides, a principle similar to the use of tent semi-trailers. Product can be loaded manually or mechanically, e.g. with a forklift or crane.

Collective Transport by Road Trailer

It is also possible to transport loads up to 200 kg by semi-trailer. This option is relevant for consolidated shipments. If you need to send a small shipment of goods, such as shoes, clothing, or fittings, you can use this option. Collected delivery works as the post office, but the scale is different. Shipments from different customers are sent by one transport document. Then the delivery is made directly to the recipient under the scheme “door to door.

The following concepts apply here, consolidation – at the stage of collection and storage, and a combined cargo – for delivery. The main advantage of this method is economy, because you pay only for a place for your cargo in the vehicle, and not the entire car.

Directions of delivery by truckload

A road train makes it possible to deliver goods overland within continents. Transport companies offer a variety of delivery routes, for example to Europe, CIS countries, Russia, the Baltics, Turkey and even Mongolia. Developed trade between countries opens practically all borders and makes road-train transportation demanded.

Filing of documents

The transport by road-train involves the preparation of documentation. This allows you to deliver goods safely and securely, in the right place and on time. The transport company undertakes the registration. In addition to accompanying documents insurance is also issued as a guarantor of transportation security.

The main rule of profitable delivery – the right choice of transportation company. Make sure that you entrust the fate of your cargo and business to a reliable performer.

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