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The cost of delivery of groupage cargo

There are several types of delivery depending on the urgency of the order. It can be normal international groupage delivery using optimal modes of transport “from door to door”, in standard terms; or it can be express delivery, when it is not even a specific day, receipt of goods, but a specific time, air delivery and light transport is used.

Thus, reliability and speed of delivery is one of the main factors that determine the cost of delivery of groupage cargo. Other factors affecting the cost of delivery are mode of transport, combination of different modes of transport, country and distance of delivery of consolidated cargo.

A very convenient and cheap option is delivery of your consolidated shipments In a consolidated shipment you pay significantly less for the same distance, as the parcels and shipments of multiple consignee owners are transported in the same vehicle and everyone pays for their own shipment rather than for separate delivery. Your package or parcel is first delivered to a warehouse where the entire shipment is consolidated. The type of shipment, its value, size and volume all play a role, this is linked to the placement in the transport, as well as compliance with certain security and delivery control measures.

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