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Delivery of groupage cargo from and to European countries

We organize urgent delivery of consolidated cargo from Italy (other European countries) to Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, CIS. And vice versa, if you need a parcel delivery from CIS to Italy (Europe), you can contact our parcel delivery service. Express delivery of a consolidated cargo from Europe is a special service of our company. Accumulated experience in the international cargo market, the availability of partners in Europe can significantly reduce the delivery time of consolidated cargo, compared with conventional postal services. After all, the delivery time of consolidated cargo is always the most important for each customer.

For the organization of fast delivery of groupage cargo from Italy to the CIS, we have a first-class, the latest vehicles that meet EU standards and are adapted specifically for the transportation of joint cargo. Cost of delivery of modular cargo from Europe depends on terms of delivery, cost of a modular cargo, customs expenses and a choice of transport, distance here does not play a leading role: to cross all Europe and to deliver a modular cargo in the CIS it is possible in 2 days.

If you order express delivery of modular cargo from Italy to Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, it will be delivered in 2-3 days; in 3 days to Moscow and St. Petersburg, from 3 days and above – to other cities of Russia. Let’s remind you that time of delivery of modular cargo from Europe (to Europe) can be considerably reduced, if you address in our delivery service in advance: in time to find order transport and to solve organizational questions international delivery of modular cargo..

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