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Transportation is the responsibility of the parties

International cargo transportation: competence, rights and obligations of the parties. Each international cargo transportation involves the conclusion of the Order – the contract, or contract for freight forwarding services between the customer customer and the carrier or freight forwarding company. By services in this case we mean the delivery of consolidated cargo, cargo transportation by refrigerator, as well as other related services, which are usually takes on the freight forwarding company: cargo search, cargo tracking, consul The main thing for the carrier is to fulfill the delivery of cargo quality and on time, for the cargo owner – the timely payment for completed shipping. Freight forwarding company provides its own service, freight forwarding services. As a rule, all questions about the cost of transportation and other conditions of a particular cargo delivery are negotiated in advance and must be included in the contract of carriage.

For the cargo owner, first time making an order for international transportation, it would not be out of place to read the shipping code, which clearly spells out all the details of cooperation between customer and carrier, and specifies the primary aspects to be considered when entering into a contract of carriage. The most important thing for the customer to remember – the contract is designed to ensure that any order for international cargo transportation is smooth and without claims from both sides. Terms of delivery and other agreements when backed, legally, slave The customer of carriage does not want to get into how the change of transport and carrier, what are the responsibilities of the carrier when receiving the goods or how to manifest the diligence of the freight forwarder and freight forwarding company.

But such matters as carrier’s liability, namely, compensation for damages in case of problems caused by his fault; the carrier’s obligation to deliver the cargo within the period stipulated by law or a contract; circumstances where the delivery period is violated, the carrier’s liability for damage to the cargo or the freight forwarder’s obligation to insure the cargo – all this will be really useful to know the cargo owner! And all this is discussed right at the time of receipt of request for freight carriage. Of course, a contract of carriage does not bind only the forwarder or the carrier. The cargo owner, for example, undertakes, upon request of the forwarding company, to provide information about the cargo and information necessary to draw up shipping documents and carry out customs and other procedures. As for dangerous goods, the customer should draw the freight forwarder’s attention to the exact nature and class of hazard of the cargo and, if necessary, provide him with necessary precautions, as he will be responsible for damages. If the cargo to be transported is very expensive, from (eighty thousand dollars) our forwarding firm will ensure that a financial guarantee is drawn up.

There is no point in quoting the whole Civil Code, and all the terms and conditions of the freight forwarding, because even a cursory reading of it makes it clear that this body of law is designed for favorable cooperation between the customer, carrier, and freight forwarding company. In principle, all this you will be told in our forwarding company, when placing an order for delivery of cargo. But it never hurts and have a little information yourself, especially if you do order the international carriage of goods for the first time.

Not hurtful would also be to read the rules of the organization of international carriage of goods, pay attention to the conditions of contracts and applications for freight forwarding, the more responsible freight forwarding company approaches the execution of contracts, the less there are disagreements during transportation. The client will be easier to assess the competence of the carrier by reading the contract or application for the carriage of his goods.

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